Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge Day 5 - A Smile

There are so many things that bring "A SMILE" to my face. I had a hard time thinking of what to put here. I was going to take a picture of all the packages I get in the mail full of books as that certainly brings me a big smile. 
But I think this picture won out. A photo with my favourite author, Diana Gabaldon will do it for me. I think my cheeks hurt for a week afterwards. Here is the blog post about the day if you are interested. 

I have a few more pictures with my favourite authors and I treasure them. Have you taken a picture with some of your favourite authors? Who were they?

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Julie said...

You look so great in this picture! You're just beaming. :) I've taken many silly pictures with Margaret Ethridge, my absolute favourite author, and I've taken pictures with Beth Kery, the coolest person I've ever met on an elevator.