Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Endings by Maggie Wells

18+ adult book 
Happy Endings (A Dirty Bits Story)

By Maggie Wells 

Karen is a busy woman. Too busy, in fact, to find time to, um, de-stress. On the advice of her best friend, Cheri, she seeks out There’s the Rub, an exclusive spa specializing in massage therapy where satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Yes, specializing in very happy endings. Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

I had not read an erotic story in awhile so I thought I'd be a little naughty today and read a Dirty Bits by Maggie Wells. I highly recommend these little .99 Dirty Bits gems for some high quality smut fixes. 

I love my erotic stories where the women know exactly what they want. I love empowering women. I love reading about women who seek to obtain exactly what they want. That is exactly Karen in Happy Endings. She is a woman who is stressed and busy. When her friend tells her about a sexy massage therapy business that specializes in "happy endings" for women, Karen decides to take her up on the recommendation. 

Make no mistake, Karen is nervous and not quite sure what to expect. Even so, she decides to just go for it and she doesn't let her nerves get the best of her. I liked that courage about Karen and that all her emotions weren't bottled away. 

Happy Endings is completely fictional but I loved how real Maggie Wells made her two characters. Karen was nervous, she did have doubts and I totally loved how Karen neatly folded her clothes as she stripped down before laying down on the massage table. 

Even our male masseur, Mark (AKA Hans) was realistic. Oh sure his body was near perfect but more so in the normal sense of an everyday hunky guy. For me, this normalcy added to the naughtiness of Happy Endings because it made it appear more realistic. 

The massage part of the session was completely dream worthy. Mark knew exactly what to do to calm Karen's nerves and oh boy, he knew what to say. As the steamy scene ensued, the hot smut started to roll off the pages with ease. It was though I started to smell the eucalyptus oil as I read just how Karen gave in to the scene completely. Let's just say, Mark knew how to take care of her and give her the Happy Ending Karen wanted. 

Excellent smutty erotic read. 


Anonymous said...

I may have to check this one out... Thanks for the recommendation!

Unknown said...

You're welcome! I hope you do get it and then let me know how you liked it.