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Sanctuary by Jessica Jarman

Grace Summers, Noah Hill and Ethan Erikson's book

Sanctuary ( New Reality book 1)

By Jessica Jarman

Book Blurb:For Grace Summers, life after the super solar flare and deadly viral outbreak can be summed up in one word. Alone. Having lost everyone she loved, Grace travels on foot to her family’s remote hunting cabin, where her father stockpiled food and supplies for this type of situation.
Along the way, she meets Noah Hill and Ethan Erikson, a couple traveling the same direction. Grace struggles with her attraction to the pair until they make it clear they are just as interested in her.
With Noah and Ethan, Grace is no longer alone but can she bring herself to trust them in this new world where everyone is trying to survive no matter the cost?

Received a copy from publisher for an honest review

When it comes to smutty books, menages that are the M/M/F combination are among my most favourite. When I received a request to review Sanctuary I fell in love with the cover and the book blurb. I had to read this one. I'm so glad I did. 

Sanctuary is an erotic M/M/F story but the novella is not full of over the top of smut. There is actually a pretty cool story that I enjoyed just as much as all the sexy action. Sanctuary scored high for me because as much as I like an erotic story, there has to be an intriguing plot that captivates me. The creative idea that a solar flare combined with a deadly human virus affecting the world made for a compelling read and had me wondering what would happen in real life. 

Grace was a totally great character. She was determined and smart. She had heaps of courage to venture out on massive mountain hike alone with her companion dog seeking the sanctuary of her deceased parents cabin. I had such admiration for her to take on the trek while grieving for the loss of her family members. The scenes and the mood were well written and I felt I was hiking right along with Grace. 

Along the exhausting journey enters Noah and Ethan. These two committed partners quickly form a friendly relationship with Grace but do so under the safety pretense that they are gay. Well as the guys say, "mostly gay." With their protective personalities on high alert, the trio decide to band together and accompany Grace to the cabin. I loved that their threesome didn't come across as weird or uncomfortably forced. The story was written where everything seemed so normal in a time period where nothing was normal. Their stalwart bond was so natural and accepting.

The intimate scenes were moving and affectionate. Lots of hot and steamy but not over the top ridiculous. I liked how the author, Jessica Jarman futher solidified their loving relationship by including one on one time with each other in addition to menages. It was crystal clear that Noah and Ethan were very much in love with each other prior to having Grace join their family. I also LOVED that the novella didn't end with Grace being pregnant. 1000 thank yous to the author for not doing that as an ending. 

I noticed that Sanctuary is book one of a series and I will happily if not eagerly read book 2. As I mentioned earlier there is an actual storyline in Sanctuary and the author Jessica Jarman did a great job setting up for a continuation.

Teasers: stockpiled cabin, violent intruders, family additions, barren small towns  


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Jess Jarman said...

Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm so happy you enjoyed the book. :)