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Dead Again by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Sophie and Jack's book

Dead Again

By Tracy Cooper-Posey

Book Blurb:
Ten years ago, Sophie and Jack survived a small plane crash. They fell in love in the five days they were stranded on a mountainside, but Jack’s injuries were ultimately fatal. Jack’s love and death left indelible fingerprints on Sophie’s soul and completely changed her life.

Sophie is now a stressed single mom in a small Montana Rockies town, running a cafĂ© and warding off the attention of the town’s corrupt Chief of Police when a drifter called Martin arrives in Serenity Falls. 

Martin holds the key to Sophie’s heart, along with a secret that will rip apart the town. He plunges her into after-shocks caused by the five days she spent with Jack in the mountains, stirring up state governors, district attorneys and one of the deadliest crime lords in the land. Martin’s secret puts Sophie directly in their cross-hairs. 

For Sophie, life is about to change all over again…

I've had Dead Again sitting on my Kindle for a long time. I'm trying to go through and read some books that I've had for a long time before I buy some new ones. What a great decision because I just loved Dead Again

Dead Again is a great story. The premise is romance since it is about Jack and Sophie becoming an eventual couple but the journey to their successful relationship was all the meat and potatoes of Dead Again. It was a fabulous ride!

Dead Again starts out with a plane crash and how they survived for five days with serious injuries and rationed supplies. This part of the book was amazing. Very creative ideas the author invented for Jack and Sophie to make it through. I actually wished this part of the story was longer. 

I was a little taken back that after I enjoyed the plane crash chapters, the story jumped ahead eight years. I admit to being a little miffed at the change in direction but understood where the author wanted to go. It did take me a while to warm up to the next parts of the book. Some of the story-line was way off for me regarding the town sheriff but it did add some additional drama elements to the story that were missing. The middle part of Dead Again did drag a bit along but I knew by the tidbits the author was providing that it would eventually sped up and get really good. And it did. 

The ending was lightly suspenseful and I felt some true vindication on behalf of the deserving protagonists. I was really cheering for Jack and Sophie for a successful ending. They deserved it! 

A big draw for me towards Jack and Sophie was how real they were. Jack was not some mysterious ops, ninja, seal, alpha hero. Sophie was striving to survive as a single mom, run a cafe and find some happiness. I adored them as a couple and when they finally kissed, I fist pumped the air. 

Teasers: mountain guardians, conversations under a tarp, awesome winter descriptions, vindication

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