Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pieces For You by Genna Rulon

Sam and Griffin's book

Pieces For You (For You book 2)

By Genna Rulon

Book Blurb:
Samantha Whitney survived unimaginable tragedy only to discover she had been betrayed by a man who claimed to love her. Shattered, Sam spends months at a safe haven trying to piece herself back together. Ready or not, the time has come for her to return home.

As Sam struggles to resume a life that no longer feels familiar, she finds unwavering support in an unexpected, familiar face. Confronting Sam’s raw emotions and open wounds head-on, Griffin manages to take two steps forward for every step she retreats. 

But when Sam is once again threatened, Griffin must decide how far he is willing to go to protect the woman he wants…knowing the cost of her safety is the risk of losing her.

Pieces For You is a captivating journey of survival, healing, and sacrifice—teeming with honesty, humor, unexpected twists, and love’s unsurpassed endurance.begin to plague Sam, it is Griffin she is forced to turn to.

I finished book 1, Only For You yesterday and rushed right back to Amazon to buy book 2, Pieces For You.

Pieces For You did not disappoint! I didn't think it was possible but I liked Pieces For You even more than book 1. You could read as a stand alone but you would be missing out on the fabulous relationship that I grew to love between Sam and her bestie, Ev from reading Only For You book 1. 

These two best friends Sam and Ev are so witty together. Perfect best friends that are practically sisters. I love their scenes together the most because of their banter. They have so much love and fun together. 

In book 1, something tragic happens to Sam. I knew that book 2 would be Sam's book and how she heals through the aftermath of that tragedy. Once again Ev is her number one champion but something beautiful happens in Pieces For You. Sam begins to heal and allows Griffin, the man that has been loving her from afar, into her fractured life. Sam doesn't heal in one chapter and with Griffin as her protector she can put the pieces of her life back together. One thing I loved was reading about the success of Sam's humour coming back. Here is an example - Early on in their relationship Sam and Griffin go to a gym. After he exposes his chest, Sam has a hilarious reaction.  

"Fine…I licked you.  But it was an involuntary reflex—hot guy, exposed chest…you know how it is."

After that moment, I knew that the old Sam was well on her way back. 

I found Pieces For You suspenseful at times and always mesmerizing. I didn't want to miss one group date, therapy session, gym workout, dinner out and I especially didn't want to miss out on Griffin's solo guitar performances at The Stop (his bar).
The beauty of the Kindle app on iPad is that when the author wrote what songs Griffin was singing, it was highlighted and automatically linked over to Youtube to the original artist. What a bonus that was! I ended up making my own playlist on the awesome song selections.

During the story, a new character Meg is introduced and book 3 will be about her. Meg is a perfect friend fit with Ev and Sam and there are definitely some dark secrets in her past. I can't wait to read her story when it is published. That will be an autobuy for me. 

Teasers: "No one can understand the scars left on your soul, but you can’t believe you are the only one who bears scars from your suffering."

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