Friday, September 5, 2014

Chesapeake Blue Series by Nora Roberts

 Chesapeake Bay Saga 
by Nora Roberts
Books 1-4
I was really looking for a short series that I could sink my teeth into. I didn't want a long drawn out series and I also was looking to enjoy some contemporary romances. Let me tell you, the Chesapeake Bay Saga hit the nail on the head. 

I was at my local used book store and found these gems for a mere $15 for the set. It was the trade paperback style so they were light and the font was a perfect size. 

Sea Swept is the first book and it was Cam and Anna's story. 

Sea Swept

Cameron Quinn is coming home to say goodbye to the only father he ever loved. And he’ll have to put his fast-paced life on hold to care for the last lost boy Ray Quinn hoped to save… 

Book 2, Rising Tides is the story of Ethan and Grace's story

Rising Tides

Though not born to the tradition of a waterman, Ethan Quinn has embraced the life. But now, he must face his own dark past to accept not only who he is but what he hopes to become…

Books 3 continues to deliver with Phillip and Sybil

Inner Harbor

As Phillip Quinn struggles to draw his new brother into his life, he must deal with a beautiful woman who has secrets that will affect them all—a woman who needs both his trust and his heart…

And the finale is Seth and Dru's tale

Chesapeake Blue

When world-renowned artist Seth Quinn returns to his home on Maryland’s eastern shore, he finds the woman of his dreams. But someone from his past is determined to destroy his newfound happiness… 

These books are much more than romance stories. There is a deeply embedded family theme going on and what a special family the Quinn's are. Due to the sad and untimely deaths of the family patriarch, Ray and the matriarch, Stella,  the readers don't get the privilege of reading about their family interactions with their adult sons. Well that is to say, you do get a wee glimpse through their son's memories and a few sweet apparitional visits. The light paranormal spin is not over done. Just a slight extension for the great story. 

Stella and Ray did such a phenomenal job raising their adopted troubled boys.  You know and understand what kind people they were. 

The camaraderie between the brothers felt so real. They bickered, rough housed, made fun of each other but more than anything, they were fiercely loyal to one another. It was a pleasure to read about each of their different personalites and how they found love. 
Real life love.  

Excellent series. 

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