Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guilty Pleasure #7- Obsession with Historical things

I've been reading the romance genre probably my whole life. My romance reading started when I was young (they weren't the steamy kind then) but then my reading addiction abruptly took a back seat during my teen years. Then came marriage and then pushing out 3 babies in six years. So once again, not much romance reading took place then. 

After years and years of maybe picking up only a few books a year, I started to dabble in the other areas of romance. See I was primarily just a contemp romance reader. Then a very good friend of my went head over heels for this Outlander series. She started talking er typing to me in a Scottish brogue and everything suddenly became "verra" Scottish and I seemed to become a "lass". 

I respect my friend's opinion verra much so picked up Outlander by Diana Gabaldon  and promptly didn't talk to any of my friends for about 3 months. Why you ask? Because I was blown away and decided to read the entire series. The thick books of the Outlander series kept me up all night and I was even tempted to call into work sick so I could read. Ok I never would do that but I was tempted. 

That was pretty much my first taste of the historical genre. Granted Outlander isn't a "historical romance" but it was historical and all the research that goes into those books makes it quite accurate (with a fiction spin). 

I couldn't get enough of past events.  Every book I bought had to be historical romance. I started googling moments of history. I wanted to experience and understand everything from the past I could. I kicked myself so badly for not paying attention to history in school and for not knowing anything about my region. 
So here are some crazy things I did with this obsession about history. 

I increased my book collection x10 with historical books. My top five favourite series are: 

2. Ok just to be out with it, ANY and I mean ANY historical by Julie Garwood. She is a goddess to me!

3. The numbers series by Sarah MacLean - You have to get these books. 

4. The MacKenzie series by Jennifer Ashley

5. The Hathaway Series by Lisa Kleypas  (honestly Lisa is amazing at any of historical but that series is my fav)

Ok book part over...what else did I do?  My fellow guest reviewer Julie and I went to see Historical Fort Erie. We got to dress up and everything. I was so excited because I got to hold a real life leather flogger.

I also went and bought out our local Blockbuster video store of anything historical. Yes I still have to say that Titanic has to be my all time favourite movie. So much so, that I went and got professional photographs taken of me in an outfit that a high society lady would have worn on the Titanic. Now this was a lot of fun and I totally recommend to anyone. It took hours and hours to get me just ready for the shoot. Everything was authentic right down to the hair style and clothes. These photos were taken by Dana Brushett Photography. She is a genius and she handles all sizes of women. The pictures are stellar and a real self esteem booster!

What else did I do? I wanted to visit a historical town with all their wonderful elements. I wanted to visit museums and touch bricks that were put there 200 hundred years ago.  Let me share some wonderful shots from historical Charleston, NC. I could post about a hundred pictures here but just two for now. 

This was the Bed & Breakfast that we stayed at. It was the John Rutledge House Inn. EXCELLENT!

So I think it is clear that when I jump on a bandwagon, I give it my all. What have you done in the lines of obsession? 

PS - stay tuned for Scotland pictures someday. It is still an obsession of mine. 


Mandi said...

I love this post :) The Outlander series just makes me melt into a puddle. Love. I also love all those books you mention, except I need to read Garwood!

My first historical love was Mary Balogh. Her "Slighty" series is one of my all time faves!

Julie said...

Those pictures are fabulous! You look absolutely gorgeous! :) Oh, I have so many obsessions. Gilmore Girls ranks high on the list. What did I do for my Gilmore obsession? In 2007, I boarded a plane (all by myself), flew hundreds of miles to California, and hooked up with a bunch of crazy fans I'd never met before so we could tour the sets of our favourite show. Talk about an adrenaline rush.

Margaret said...

Ye are a wee bit obsessive, my Sassenach, but that's why I love ye. Your face is my heart. Da Mi Basia Mille...

Anonymous said...

Just left you a post and it vanished..hmm strange.

Your images from your trip are awesome - I'm jealous. Can't wait to see the Scottish ones:) I have to admit I have never read a historical romance, but would love to - what do you recommend for a newbie?

Love guilty pleasures.


C.J Duggan said...

Och! Lassie!
Those pictures are gorgeouse! What fun. And I LOVE historical, I am such a history buff (another thing in common) I could watch the history channel all day and I was I am proud to say a straight A history student, I would have majored in it at University if I hadn't chosen another path. I am obsessed with all things historical...and OMG! How good is Sarah Maclean?? I love that series especially 9 Rules. I have just got 11 Scandals and can't wait to read it. I will have to check out your other reccomendations. See thanks to Guilty Pleasures not only do I find something new about you, but it's something I share! You make my day! So glad to have you back on board this week!

C.J Duggan said...

P.S O.k just looked up Julie Garwood. So many great ones to read. Any one in particuliar I should start with? *Squeeee* I love discovering new authors.

Julie said...

I used to love history. I worked at Upper Canada Village as a young interpreter when I was in High School for 3 summers. But I can't get into historical reads. At all. I am planning on trying again later this year, but I don't know how that will all work out. I'm hoping it's just that the books I've been trying haven't suited me.

As far as obsessions, I'm like you. When I do something, I do it hardcore. I was a little nuts when I started scrapbooking. I don't do it anymore, but the stuff I accumulated when I did was insane! Now my obsession really is books. I have a HUGE to read pile and I'm scheduled for reading until next February, but I will still buy more books when I'm at the bookstore. Just because.

Jennifer said...

I am evil and I give Outlander as a gift, spreading the addiction (Bwahah!).

I won't lend it out anymore, because it doesn't come back. I'm on my third or fourth copy. The last one got passed around so much it disintegrated.

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Mandi I added Mary Balogh to my TBR list at Goodreads today. Thanks for sharing!

Julie as you know I share that same Gilmore Girl love.

Margaret..and I'll kiss you a thousand more!

TfWalsh - I recommend Julie Garwood. She is amazing so if you are going to give one a try, go with the best out there IMO. See my answer just below for CJ.

Same with CJ - Try "The Bride" first. The sequel is "The Wedding" (which I actually liked more) but I like to read books in order. "The Secret" is very good and the sequel to that one is "Ransom" which is actually my favourite of all her books.

OMG Julie you should see the Scrapbooking supplies I have! I also got a load of Stampin Up stuff too. I did so many albums. My kids love them and my youngest really wants me to finish his school book which I have totally slacked off in. Yep, former obsession too.

Jennifer - I totally agree. I lent out DiA & Voyageur almost a year ago to my cousin (and Andrea if you are reading this) I would love to have them back. LOL
Good thing I have multiple copies now.

C.J Duggan said...

Thanks Michelle! I looked into it, had a bit of a Google preview on a chapter and I was hooked! So I purchased all your suggestions!! So excited can't wait to get into them. Thanks for the introduction, and God Bless GP!!

Christina said...

I found your blog through the book blogger directory and am so glad I did. First of all your pictures are fabulous!!! I seriously thought they were pictures of a Hollywood Starlet from days gone by. Simply fabulous. Next I have to say that I had to follow you for many reasons but A)you loved Jeaniene Frost B)you loved Julie Garwood and C) you loved Nalini Singh. I could do nothing more than follow you. Really.