Friday, July 19, 2013

Part 4 The Thames River in London

The Thames River in London
Part 4

Today's post is about the Thames River in London. I've read plenty of historical romances that have made mention of this famous river. While in London, visiting the Thames was another landmark that I really wanted to experience. 

The Thames was a busy river bustling with tourist cruise boats. A far cry from the tall ships that I've read about in my romance novels. It also smelled remarkably cleaner than I've read about. In fact the surrounding areas that we visited were a far cry from the decrepit docks or the fish scented stench that are mentioned. Today it is rather picturesque and hard to imagine how it has been described.    

I boarded one of those packed tourist cruises and we motored down the Thames from The Tower of London to Westminster Abbey. It was interesting to see London from the view of Thames. I would have liked to had a chance to tour a reconstructed tall ship. Maybe next time? 

Here is an interesting view of The Thames. This would be Traitor's Gate located inside The Tower of London. Years ago the river sloshed right up to the Tower of London's outer wall. Looking at the first picture I posted up above with London Bridge behind me, you can see now how far away the river is from the wall it today. With years of dredging the river and growth of the city the Thames is a good deal narrower. All in all, it was lovely. 

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Laurie said...

Just reading these blogs now. I can see how your historical heart loved all the buildings. Glad you were able to see them face to face