Sunday, July 28, 2013

Part 8 Standing Stones

Part 8 Standing Stones

My visit to Clava Cairns in Scotland. 

Now granted, the stones at Clava Cairns are not as impressive as the standing stones one would find at Stonehenge or on Orkney Island in Scotland but prehistoric none the less. Using the Outlander series as my inspiration, I am reaching through the cleft stone to get to Jamie Fraser. 

The stones around Clava Cairns. 

The other set of standing stones we visited was a site called Corrimony Cairns. These stones are much smaller. These cairns are not visited very much and when we got there, we got to have fun and goof around a bit. The picture above shows my desperation to get to Jamie Fraser. 

It is amazing that these stones and cairns are estimated to be from the 3rd millenim BC and yet were intact. It is mind numbing to think of the history as you visit these sites. Very ancient indeed. 


Christine said...

Ancient ruin? Nope, just a farmer clearing his field. ;)

Unknown said...

ahaha EXACTLY like that.