Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm Back to Blogging After My Hiatus

Well I'm back from my long hiatus. Did you miss me? Well I missed you. I missed book reading & reviewing and blog hopping. It was neccessary to take a break even though I was constantly busy. Getting my real life back in to some sort of semblance and order after the death of a spouse takes time. I am thankful if you stuck around for me to return. I was glad to see that the visits to my blog didn't reduce in numbers. Thank you!

It was also a good period to take my time to read a very big book that I savoured page per page. I waited 5 years for Written In My Hearts Own Blood by Diana Gabaldon. There was no way I was rushing it. Now that I have finished it, I am thrilled with how it turned out and I'm so thankful that in August I can watch the story unfold on TV. I am ecstatic that Canada picked up the Outlander show and that we are only 3 weeks behind the USA. I can handle that! Yeah for Showcase Canada!

What else did I do? Quite a lot when I start to write it all down. My son graduated from public school (he wore a kilt bless him!), my oldest got his G1 driver's licence and my middle suffered bad knee injury that requires surgery in a couple of weeks. 

I redecorated parts of my house, rescued a cat from a shelter (meet my adorable Sherlock), returned back to work and went on an amazing European vacation.

I visited Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Paris, Dublin and a few small Irish fishing villages no bigger than a bread box. I saw historical monuments, touched structures from 79AD, stood on top of breathtaking cliffs 700 ft above the Atlantic Ocean and let the wind blow through my hair. But most rewarding of all is that I experienced all of it with my youngest son. Not too many years left where he'd want to hang out with me so I grabbed at the chance. 

So, I'm back. I hope to get right back on to reading as I have missed devouring book after book and I really missed all the warm and fuzzy feelings romance books gives me. 

Thanks, Michelle