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Blown Away by Stormy Night

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

Blown Away

By Stormy Knight

Book Blurb:
Ace McAllister used to be what Greer Patrick lived for. Now ten years later, hes how she stays alive. Caught together outside during an F-3 tornado, they shield each other from the wrath of the storm. But, with their sizzling reunion, is Aces truck the only thing thats blown away?

The beginning of Blown Away starts the reader off with a little roll in the hay. Ace and Greer and are having a fun loving game of chase that results in a sweet little love making session in the barn hay pile.  I could practically hear their southern accents. I loved the beginning.

Blown Away then jumps ahead ten years and Greer finds herself minutes away from a raging tornado. This is where the writing gets spectacular. My heart was racing as I was reading about the destruction heading her way and Greer racing towards the underpass. As with Stormy Knight’s other book Red Hot Lightning, she is amazing at setting atmosphere for the reader. I got chills reading about the impending tornado with debris starting to swirl around her. As Greer dodges the falling hail balls to seek the shelter of the underpass, she discovers that she’s sharing the refuge with her long lost love Ace.

As the pair embrace for comfort to ward off nerves, Ace asks Greer to kiss her. Up to this point, I was totally into Blown Away. Everything was just amazing. But, here come the but. Stormy Knight then had the couple do a quickie while they were outside with a tornado swirling around them. Her bra flies away, the horrific sound of freight train surrounds them, his truck is even being lifted into the air and this is the moment they have sex?

From this point of the story, the writing remained good although I felt the storyline go a little off kilter. When Ace and Greer meet up again, they engage in some interesting swimming pool oral sex and the barriers between them crumble.

I have a soft spot for the southern drawls, Stetsons and repaired relationships so despite an odd story path the writing was great. I think I would love to read a straight fiction book by Stormy Knight.  

High Rise by A.E. Connelly

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

High Rise

By A.E. Connelly

Book Blurb:
He is her Pet. She is her best friend. The high rise apartment is their playground.

What an excellent double Dominatrix story High Rise was!

An experienced Mistress grants a girlfriend her fantasy by allowing her to play with her Pet. Her male Pet is more than eager to participate. It becomes clear rather quickly that the inexperienced woman has re-enacted her fantasy in her mind for so long that she quickly falls right into line with a Domme’s duties. Pet earns himself a pleasurable belt lashing on his backside while providing his usual Mistress an enjoyable show.

Reading the commentary of the Dominatrix’s double teaming gorgeous Pet was sexy and erotic.  The play scene that the trio creates is wicked awesome and I want to read a series about this group. When Pet repeats that he’s their slave and demonstrates his willingness to take their whippings and ministrations, it nicely wrapped this awesome dirty bit to a 4 heart review. What a nice little collection of dirty bits A.E. Connelly is creating.

One + One = Three by J.A. Blaze

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

One One Three

By J.A. Blaze

Book Blurb:
When Steven invites his college crush over for a night of sex, he realizes that pleasuring one girl just isn’t enough. He dips his hands into the pleasure jar and calls Jenny over for a euphoric night she’ll never forget. They’ll all find out if things really are better in threes.

One + One = Three didn’t work for me.  
Many of the descriptive sentences didn’t make sense.  
“She now had a milky expression that looked as loose as her pussy.”
“Steven’s sweat began to slip into the threads of his sheets and there was a watery pool that collected around the knees.”

The one feature that I just couldn’t look past was the flawed action words. One + One=Three had a thrusting pelvis chipping away at her vagina, cupping a dick with an open palm and apparently Steven had such thick arms that they made the girls scream at the sight of them. Really? Scream just by looking at his arms?

In one paragraph J.A. Blaze wrote -
She kept her head propped up and watched the clock behind Steven as if she knew exactly how long it would take him to climax

And then in the next paragraph down wrote almost the exact same line -
She stared at the clock as if she knew exactly when he would climax, like she had some innate gift of knowing when the moment was destined to happen.”

Ménages need to be written in a choreographed manner. Extra care needs to be taken so that the reader understands where everyone is and what everyone is doing. Unfortunately I was too bewildered with the story content to enjoy any of the F/M/F activities.

The Bridegroom by Darby York

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

The Bridegroom

By Darby York

Book Blurb:
Medieval life is hard for everyone, especially for noble women forced to marry their enemies. Yet even then women longed for love and fulfillment. Can a reluctant bride find true happiness in an arranged marriage?

I read The Bridegroom twice. I really wanted to be fair so I read it last night and then again this afternoon. Unfortunately I still have the same impression. I didn’t care for it but it is fair to say, some readers will love it. I wish Darby York would have avoided the constant thrust of medieval dialogue. I felt the conversations were forced to fit the ancient talk.

At just over halfway through The Bridegroom the couple had yet to touch or kiss. She basically doesn’t like him, yet for some reason lusts for him. Finally the unhappy couple marries and once they find themselves alone she loses her virginity quick, fast and unfulfilling to the reader. There is no warm up and barely any foreplay.

After their first lackluster love making scene, the story jumps two months ahead. There is a reprieve from the previous marriage misery as the couple are in the midst of a Christmas celebration. There is dancing, singing; celebrating and you feel a calm fall over the couple. The set up is lovely and you can picture the party in full swing. It is evident that some romance has seeped into their forced marriage and she decides at the celebration “I would be your wife”. Unfortunately the wonderful romantic build up resulted in another anticlimactic coupling for me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Perfect Secretary by Madison J Edwards

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

The Perfect Secretary

By Madison J Edwards

Book Blurb:
Sarah Adams, thrilled to be Troy Reid‘s personal executive assistant, wants to prove she was the right choice. She‘s the perfect secretary, who‘ll do anything to please both her bosses.

What a deliciously erotic dirty bit The Perfect Secretary was. I’m still waving my hands over my laptop to clear away the steam. Yowza!

Reading The Perfect Secretary reminded me of a salacious office day dream. When Shelia’s two bosses resemble GQ Gods, the poor woman has to carry around her own personal mini vibe. The Perfect Secretary used old time office clichés like the secretary being requested to bring a pen and a pad of paper while being summoned by an intercom. I even found the mention of archaic short hand more amusing rather than eye rolling. The ancient office practices are the only thing about The Perfect Secretary that is old school.

For months hunky boss number one has been subconsciously training Shelia to succumb to her submissiveness. When he decides it’s time for the casual training to end he moves to step up his dominance. After he summons her to his office and she is tardy by 2 seconds, he decides the best course of action is for Shelia to remove her shirt. (sounds fair doesn’t it?)

Well I’m not going to give away any more spoilers because you’ve just gotta get The Perfect Secretary for yourself. It’s carnal, kinky and completely hot.

Ok I lied, just one more spoiler. Well maybe just a hint. Both of her bosses know how to use a belt. Too much information?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Precisely At Dusk by A.E. Connelly

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

Precisely At Dusk

By A.E. Connelly

Book Blurb:
She arrived precisely at dusk.
She had her instructions. She knew the choice that lay before her. Each step she took
brought her closer to the thing she most desired…and feared. The decision was hers.
All she had to do was submit. Could she?

I’m a big fan of D/s stories so I was particularly pleased that Precisely at Dusk had all those Dom elements that I love. Precisely at Dusk is written in first person which I’m not a fan of but I easily looked past that. For me personally, if a D/s story is in first person, my preference that is that it is written in the sub POV and not the Dom. However, not everyone in the world shares my opinion *gasp* so I’ll comment on the hot short story that it was.

Oh the beginning was fantastic. I loved the angst and the set up. Having the Dom watch the potential sub from a window while she internally struggled whether to take a leap and ring that doorbell. Awesome!

The writing very effectively conveyed what the Dom was seeing; biting her lip, working her eyes, wetting her lips in nervousness, her chest rising and falling. All of these actions were carefully constructed into illustrative sentences and I could see the entire scene play out in front of me. Such good writing that I even let my home phone continue to ring off the hook because I didn’t want to leave the build up that was being laid out before me.

When the Dom ordered her to “Strip” after the front door was closed, I got all goosebumpy. I love one line commands issued in a normal toned voice and there were quite a few of those delivered throughout Precisely at Dusk.

I always appreciate when an author makes a special attempt to convey that being a “slave” is completely the sub’s choice. What’s even bigger treat is turning that choice into a hot little scene with a collar.

My only averse comment about Precisely at Dusk is one small continuity error with the placement of the panties. Before the sexy spanking scene the Dom had jerked them down and then afterwards it was written that he was sneaking his hands past her stomach into waistband of her panties.  Not a big error but it did have me scrolling back up to see if I missed something.

All in all a delicious D/s set up story and I know I’d sure love to read how the rest of the weekend went. *grins*


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

Four To Score

By Janet Evanovich

Book Blurb:
Working for her bail bondsman cousin, Vinnie, Stephanie is hot on the trail of revenge-seeking waitress Maxine Nowicki, whose crimes include bail jumping, theft, and extortion. Someone is terrifying Maxine's friends, and those who have seen her are turning up dead. Also on the hunt for Maxine is Joyce Barnhardt, Stephanie's archenemy and rival bounty hunter. Stephanie's attitude never wavers - even when aided by Grandma Mazur, ex-hooker and wannabe bounty hunter Lula, and transvestite rock musician Sally Sweet - and even when Stephanie makes an enemy whose deadly tactics escalate from threatening messages to firebombs. All of this pales in comparison, though, with an even greater danger Stephanie faces, when, homeless and broke, she and her hamster Rex move in with vice cop Joe Morelli

Great mystery is Four To Score. I had no idea how Four to Score was going to end out and I was indeed happily surprised. The entire counterfeit ring was a great story line.

In Four to Score the character we all love to hate, Joyce Barnhart, becomes a bounty hunter. Just like when Stephanie started out, Joyce had a few things to learn as well. When they are purposely put on the same case by the slimy Vinnie, Joyce mostly followed around Stephanie. I could certainly feel Stephanie’s anger and frustration. The only good thing about Joyce constantly following around Stephanie was that we were graced with the first real flirtatious remark from Ranger towards Stephanie. I wonder how long Janet Evanovich took to decide on that incredibly sexy line about spending the next 12 hrs with her ruining her for all other men.*swoons* Okay sorry I’m back.

We are also introduced to the cross dressing Sally Sweet for the first time. What a great character Janet created in Sally Sweet. I love the way he talks and he character descriptions are out of this world. The developing Sugar storyline within the book was a great side story and helped served its purpose wondering just who exactly was after Stephanie.

The Stephanie/Morelli relationship was awesome in Four to Score as we are treated to the couple, after 3 books of strong chemistry, they finally “do it.” Oh my do they do it! I love that Janet Evanovich included the entire sequence of events of the “safety” issue. Great metaphors were used describing how many condoms he would buy as it related back to what his indentations towards our beloved Stephanie is. 

Her short stay at Morelli’s was an enjoyable read. I seriously laughed out loud when every one of her friends knew that she had been “laid” and laughed even louder when she thought she could get results from a pregnancy test pretty much hours after she had sex.  Of course if Grandma Bell had given me the eye and a premonition, I just may have tried it as well.

I really admire the Stephanie character because although she is head of heels for Morelli, she just doesn’t want to settle for anything less than she deserves.  She was a strong woman for moving out of his house in the end. She is really developing her blundering investigative ways but it works for her.

Few favourite scenes was the Ranger/Stephanie food fight takedown of the FTA. 

When Stephanie came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. Morelli hands her the phone through the bathroom door and see her all fresh and clean and he decides to make his sexy move.
Lula using her stun gun three different times on Joyce. Lula cracks me up!

And finally the last few pages when Morelli visits Stephanie at her parent`s front porch as she negotiates a riding his Duc by way of reminiscing their childhood memories. I do love that there is so much history there.
Four To Score is a great book for advancing their characters. Off to High Five!


The Proposal by Madison J Edwards

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

The Proposal

Madison J. Edwards

Book Blurb:
Is it an affair that suits both Cheri and Blake? One weekend a year they meet for hot, torrid sex.
No commitments, no holds barred. One of them wants something more. Will the other say yes?

The first thing I noticed when I was reading The Proposal was all the wonderful illustrative descriptions that were written to paint the perfect setting and the mood of the story. I don’t mean adjectives like colour or texture but more the extra attention added to deepen the story. For instance, “She fell with a soft whoosh, her legs dangled over the side and a pillow skittered onto the floor.” I just loved imagining a silky pillow falling to the floor.

To add another example, Madison J. Edwards had just written about the male lover flipping her over to her belly. The next line was, “Her heated cheeks appreciated the coolness of the satin sheets.”
I thrive on stories where authors add more details and not just flowery adjectives. I am completely drawn to this style of writing.

As for the story, The Proposal, it was under 20 pages long yet I feel I have read a more extensive story about Cheri and Blake. I found the story more romantic than erotic but that is not meant as a negative. The heat factor is turned up but not blazing and The Proposal was a very captivating read.

In the Park by Lexie Donovan

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

In the Park

By Lexie Donovan

Book Blurb:
All the email said was, “No looking, no touching and no underwear. See you at the
park.” It was going to be a wild night….

When an inviting book blurb reads like that, I was really eager to read In the Park. What an awesome little sexy adventure story In the Park turned out to be. It was exciting and perked my interest right from “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

In the Park was racy and the secretive male lover angle was intriguing. Their chemistry was sizzling and his Domish commands added a perfect effect to the couple’s intimacy.

I loved that every page of this erotic story was rousing and I found myself glued to the pages. I couldn’t wait to find out more about the couple and I was thoroughly pleased right up until “The End”

In the Park is another Sapphire Night erotic story and what a great collection it is.