Thursday, April 14, 2011

Collision Course by K.A. Mitchell

Aaron Chase & Joey Miller's book

Collision Course was my very first all M/M book. I figured I'd be okay with it because I've read plenty of M/F/M books where the men weren't afraid of touching and really liked it!!

Holy Smokes Collision Course was hot!
Collision Course

Good story line. I clearly understood Aaron's resistance to getting into a real relationship. The author K.A. Mitchell did a great job of demonstrating how tough and strong Aaron was, yet also he was so insecure because of his past. He was a control freak with Dom tendancies and at times he was a total prick. Eventually, I liked Aaron and I really liked his family.

I could picture Joey so clearly. I had a soft spot for him and apparently every other character in the book did too. He's a super likeable character and I kinda fell in love with him from the first chapter when he was singing to the little dude in the car while trying to rescue the little boy's mom.

Right from the beginning, Collision Course caught my attention and pretty much kept me turning the pages from the start. Having this book on Kindle, you can never really tell when the book is going to end. I've had books end at 88% and I have books end at 99%. I kept thinking that the author was wrapping up and then clicked next page and was super pleased that there was another chapter. This happened a few times!

Okay the sex. Let's face it, it is an erotica book so I can't review without talking about the smoking hot sex. Lots of it. I had seen on Amazon a few other reviews where they thought the book had too much sex but for this couple I felt it was who they are. Joey confuses sex with affection and love and Aaron clearly wanted to keep this a fucking relationship with no ties. It was also at the beginning of their relationship so even in real life, that's when sex is experienced most often.

I liked the book alot and was really pleased that my first M/M book was by this author. I think the bar was set high and I would buy more of K.A. Mitchell books.

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