Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei James


Harper Masterson and Bran Turner's book 

Saddled and Spurred 

By Lorelei James

Book Blurb:
Cattleman Bran Turner is left shorthanded during busy calving season when a bull tramples his hired hand. Rural Wyoming isn't exactly a hotbed of qualified candidates, and the only applicant for the position is the pampered town beauty, Harper Masterson. The curvy cowgirl gets under Bran's skin at every turn, but with no other options, he reluctantly hires her.

When sexual sparks ignite, down-on-her-luck Harper enjoys convincing Bran that not only is she capable of pulling calves, feeding livestock, and handling backbreaking ranch chores, but she doesn't mind getting down and dirty, either. Harper also discovers the hot-bodied cowboy isn't all work and no horseplay...and he's got more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

Bran will learn quickly that Harper is no country mouse-and that she might just have what it takes to stick around for the long haul.

Aahhh Lorelei James. What a treat to read such excellent writing. I truly get lost in her books as I did with Saddled and Spurred.

I just love the characters she creates. They are just so real. I love how Bran is just a guy. He is not considered a drooly worthy mega male like some authors make out their male characters leads. I get the idea that Bran is an all round good looking man but not a "Hollywood" type character. I even love how there is a mention that his male member is not huge but a bit more on the normal size. (yes I pay attention to such details LOL)

Harper on the other hand is a many times winner Beauty Queen. However it is mentioned over and over again that she was there to earn the prize money. She comes across as a super hard worker, devoted to her sisters and generally likable character. Harper could be your girlfriend.

Saddled and Spurred has a great set up for more books on the horizon and Lorelei James has created a great group of characters that I'd be pleased to follow from book to book just like the Rough Riders series.

There are some super sexy hot scenes as in most of Lorelei James cowboy love series but Saddled and Spurred is just so much more than a smut book. Another huge win for me is that there is a great story here and the sexy smut is a major bonus. In my opinion James writes some of the best sex scenes out there and this book did not disappoint. Hot hot hot. Also since I keep repeating how real feeling this book is, I had to smile on how their first love making scene was written. Now that is real!

I really felt the gradual love build between Harper and Bran. I also appreciated that it was a mature type of love. Not in the sense that they are an older couple because they are not. Its just that there was no immature misunderstandings. Once again, the conflict was completly believable. Bran was just so much like a real guy. Real issues, dealing with a real ranch and learning to trust a woman he is falling in love with. Same as Harper, she put herself out there and ended up in love with a great guy.

I want to go back and read the first book, Corralled in the series again so I can tie the characters all together. I can't really remember too much from the first book and I know that the characters make a repeat appearance.

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I've had this book on my TBR pile for a while, but thanks to your review, I think Saddled & Spurred will be moving up towards the top of the pile!

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