Saturday, April 16, 2011

What A Rogue Desires by Caroline Linden

What A Rogue DesiresDavid Reece & Vivian Beecham's book

Book Blurb:
A gentleman and a very improper lady are bound together by a passion that crosses the line between upper class and underworld in Caroline Linden's daring new romance... What A Rogue Desires.

After a wayward youth, David Reece, the youngest scion in a noble family, has been called one of the most scandalous rogues of the ton. What he wants to be called is trustworthy and a true gentleman. To prove he has reformed he's agreed to watch over his absent brother's estate and signet ring. All is going swimmingly until highwaymen waylay his coach and steal that precious ring...Street orphan Vivian Beecham has grown up a pickpocket, and a very pretty one indeed. Now she and her brother have reluctantly graduated to highway robbery. And handsome David Reece has become their victim until he tracks her down and makes her his prisoner. Locked in a spare bedroom, Vivian vows to hate her captor. Instead she becomes a former rogue's greatest challenge: the object of a passionate seduction. But David and Vivian are playing a dangerous game in which forbidden love is a wild card...

What a Rogue Desires kinda reminded me like a Historical Pretty Woman. (except instead of the female being a hooker she was a thief)
What a Rouge Desires was less than $4 so for the money, it was really really worth it.

David Reece is the younger twin brother of a Duke. The Dude is always cleaning up his messes and paying off his debts. When David's brother the Duke marries he gives David a chance to run his affairs and estates. I like that David took up the challenge and rose the occasion and used the opportunity as an eye opener to mend his wild ways.

Vivian Beecham was a street orphan turned thief. As sure grew up Vivian ended up being apart of a Highwaymen robber gang. Unfortunately she gets caught trying to pawn off David's brother the Duke's ring that was stolen from David during a stagecoach robbery.

Whats a rogue to do? Well David ends up kidnapping Vivian and then locks her up until she talks and returns the ring. I had to laugh at the ridiculous plan David came up with. I was shaking my head but giggling at the same time. The pair of misfits end up having a friendship that turns into a love affair. It wasn't a smooth transition to get to that passionate love affair and I adored reading every little temper tantrum and turn of events all the way. I really liked reading all about David spoiling Vivian with simple things like chocolate and oranges.
Some great angst for the ending and it was a nice read.

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