Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Proposal by Madison J Edwards

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
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The Proposal

Madison J. Edwards

Book Blurb:
Is it an affair that suits both Cheri and Blake? One weekend a year they meet for hot, torrid sex.
No commitments, no holds barred. One of them wants something more. Will the other say yes?

The first thing I noticed when I was reading The Proposal was all the wonderful illustrative descriptions that were written to paint the perfect setting and the mood of the story. I don’t mean adjectives like colour or texture but more the extra attention added to deepen the story. For instance, “She fell with a soft whoosh, her legs dangled over the side and a pillow skittered onto the floor.” I just loved imagining a silky pillow falling to the floor.

To add another example, Madison J. Edwards had just written about the male lover flipping her over to her belly. The next line was, “Her heated cheeks appreciated the coolness of the satin sheets.”
I thrive on stories where authors add more details and not just flowery adjectives. I am completely drawn to this style of writing.

As for the story, The Proposal, it was under 20 pages long yet I feel I have read a more extensive story about Cheri and Blake. I found the story more romantic than erotic but that is not meant as a negative. The heat factor is turned up but not blazing and The Proposal was a very captivating read.

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