Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Red Hot Lightning By Stormy Knight

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
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Red Hot Lightning

By Stormy Knight

Book Blurb:
Skye Miller is so tense, not even a full set of tennis can unwind her tight muscles—her tension heightened by a raging summer storm that grips the town. But a hot and sweaty set of tennis is not the physical exercise she craves, nor will the pounding rain erase her pain. Thank the sex gods above she remembers a possible remedy just up the street. And he’s already posed the invitation.

The beginning of Red Hot Lightning has such amazing weather descriptions. Stormy Knight very effectively captures the atmospheric phenomenon of lightning, the pressure in the air and the internal feelings that storms bring out in people.  Speaking of those feelings, check out this description of what feelings the stormy weather brings on for Skye Miller.
Not chocolate, a shopping spree, even a mechanical insertion of the best vibrator any woman could own would work. She needed a tease of the lips, a tongue begging entry, a hand between her legs and an erect cock waiting its turn.”

With Red Hot Lightning being a short erotic story, I was very impressed with the beginning followed by Brett & Skye’s “quickie”. It was a great appetizer to what I had hoped would be a combustible love making session or the main event for the story. But after the excellent beginning, Red Hot Lightning fell flat for an erotic story. 

The readers are teased for a main event and anal play that never happens. There was a great lead up by Brett after their first quickie, “I’ll teach you to enjoy the delight of the backside and entering you from the rear with us tightly cupped together.” So as a reader I am anticipating this build up and it doesn’t come. Instead we are treated to another “quickie” session.  Red Hot Lightning is a perfect short story where a reader likes a little bit of spice and prefers the implied sex over reading the actual descriptions and emotions.

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