Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

Pack Challenge: Magnus Pack, Book 1Zach Sheridan and Sara Morrighan's book

Book Blurb:All Zach Sheridan ever wanted was to become Alpha Male of his Pack and be left alone. What he definitely didn't need in his life was some needy female demanding his attention. What he never saw coming was the vicious, scarred female who not only demanded his attention but knew exactly how to get it.

Sara Morrighan knew this was the best she could expect from her life. Good friends. A nice place to live. And a safe job. But when Zach rode into her small Texas town with his motorcycle club, Sara knew she wanted more. She knew she wanted him. But after one sexy encounter with her dream biker, everything is starting to change. Her body. Her strength. That new thing she's doing with the snarling. Even her best friends are starting to wonder what's going on with her.
But this is only the beginning. Sara's about to find out her life was meant for so much more. And Zach's about to find true love with the one woman who makes him absolutely insane.

 What's an Alpha Male to do when he meets the Alpha Female of his dreams? Step one, hide all sharp objects...

Totally a fun book to read. What a great idea when publishers every now and then allow books to go for free because I will now 100% look into more books by Shelly Laurenston. Pack Challenge was a free Kindle download that I picked up from a Twitter feed. I am the first to admit I am not a fan of the paranormal shape shifter stories but this one was awesome.

Ok so what was awesome? 100% it was the characters. Even better than the story itself, I loved the characters. I cannot remember giggling and smiling through a book so much before. What breath of fresh air. I expected this to be dark, mysterious and way out there. It was not!

Sara has two girlfriends, Miki and Angelina and those 3 friends had me literally cracking up. The humourous lines and arguements they would bicker about was funny but through it all, they loved each and they are so fiercly loyal to each other. I adored their friendships.

The hero was Zach and of course completly drool worthy! He is more serious than Sara but even so, lots of humourous lines and conversations. There was a conversation between Sara and Zach that had to due with bunny shifters and I am still smiling thinking about it. They had great personalities!
Pack Challenge is not a comedy by no means it's just that is what caught my attention the most. There are steamy love scenes and a some violence with the pack wars with the prides. Excellent read!

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Nay Nay said...

Pack Challenge was the very first book by Shelly Laurenston that I bought and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

It was such a fun book to read and the characters were hilarious. The 3 friends, Sara, Miki and Angie were no slouches. They gave everyone hell and didn't apologize for the way they were. I loved this book so much I went out and bought the next one is the series. I am a Shelly Laurenston fan for life. I have every book she has written now and can't wait for the next book doue out soon (Bear Meets Girl) To anyone who reads this: If you like kick ass heroines and hot alpha heroes with a lot of humor and hot sexy scenes, you can't go wrong with a Shelly Laurenston book.