Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Precisely At Dusk by A.E. Connelly

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Precisely At Dusk

By A.E. Connelly

Book Blurb:
She arrived precisely at dusk.
She had her instructions. She knew the choice that lay before her. Each step she took
brought her closer to the thing she most desired…and feared. The decision was hers.
All she had to do was submit. Could she?

I’m a big fan of D/s stories so I was particularly pleased that Precisely at Dusk had all those Dom elements that I love. Precisely at Dusk is written in first person which I’m not a fan of but I easily looked past that. For me personally, if a D/s story is in first person, my preference that is that it is written in the sub POV and not the Dom. However, not everyone in the world shares my opinion *gasp* so I’ll comment on the hot short story that it was.

Oh the beginning was fantastic. I loved the angst and the set up. Having the Dom watch the potential sub from a window while she internally struggled whether to take a leap and ring that doorbell. Awesome!

The writing very effectively conveyed what the Dom was seeing; biting her lip, working her eyes, wetting her lips in nervousness, her chest rising and falling. All of these actions were carefully constructed into illustrative sentences and I could see the entire scene play out in front of me. Such good writing that I even let my home phone continue to ring off the hook because I didn’t want to leave the build up that was being laid out before me.

When the Dom ordered her to “Strip” after the front door was closed, I got all goosebumpy. I love one line commands issued in a normal toned voice and there were quite a few of those delivered throughout Precisely at Dusk.

I always appreciate when an author makes a special attempt to convey that being a “slave” is completely the sub’s choice. What’s even bigger treat is turning that choice into a hot little scene with a collar.

My only averse comment about Precisely at Dusk is one small continuity error with the placement of the panties. Before the sexy spanking scene the Dom had jerked them down and then afterwards it was written that he was sneaking his hands past her stomach into waistband of her panties.  Not a big error but it did have me scrolling back up to see if I missed something.

All in all a delicious D/s set up story and I know I’d sure love to read how the rest of the weekend went. *grins*


MDOBSON said...

Thank you for reviewing Precisely at Dusk. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.
Review Coordinator for Turquoise Morning Press/Sapphire Nights

SunTiger said...

You are right. That's a GREAT teaser you have there in the beginning. Awesome.