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Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

Four To Score

By Janet Evanovich

Book Blurb:
Working for her bail bondsman cousin, Vinnie, Stephanie is hot on the trail of revenge-seeking waitress Maxine Nowicki, whose crimes include bail jumping, theft, and extortion. Someone is terrifying Maxine's friends, and those who have seen her are turning up dead. Also on the hunt for Maxine is Joyce Barnhardt, Stephanie's archenemy and rival bounty hunter. Stephanie's attitude never wavers - even when aided by Grandma Mazur, ex-hooker and wannabe bounty hunter Lula, and transvestite rock musician Sally Sweet - and even when Stephanie makes an enemy whose deadly tactics escalate from threatening messages to firebombs. All of this pales in comparison, though, with an even greater danger Stephanie faces, when, homeless and broke, she and her hamster Rex move in with vice cop Joe Morelli

Great mystery is Four To Score. I had no idea how Four to Score was going to end out and I was indeed happily surprised. The entire counterfeit ring was a great story line.

In Four to Score the character we all love to hate, Joyce Barnhart, becomes a bounty hunter. Just like when Stephanie started out, Joyce had a few things to learn as well. When they are purposely put on the same case by the slimy Vinnie, Joyce mostly followed around Stephanie. I could certainly feel Stephanie’s anger and frustration. The only good thing about Joyce constantly following around Stephanie was that we were graced with the first real flirtatious remark from Ranger towards Stephanie. I wonder how long Janet Evanovich took to decide on that incredibly sexy line about spending the next 12 hrs with her ruining her for all other men.*swoons* Okay sorry I’m back.

We are also introduced to the cross dressing Sally Sweet for the first time. What a great character Janet created in Sally Sweet. I love the way he talks and he character descriptions are out of this world. The developing Sugar storyline within the book was a great side story and helped served its purpose wondering just who exactly was after Stephanie.

The Stephanie/Morelli relationship was awesome in Four to Score as we are treated to the couple, after 3 books of strong chemistry, they finally “do it.” Oh my do they do it! I love that Janet Evanovich included the entire sequence of events of the “safety” issue. Great metaphors were used describing how many condoms he would buy as it related back to what his indentations towards our beloved Stephanie is. 

Her short stay at Morelli’s was an enjoyable read. I seriously laughed out loud when every one of her friends knew that she had been “laid” and laughed even louder when she thought she could get results from a pregnancy test pretty much hours after she had sex.  Of course if Grandma Bell had given me the eye and a premonition, I just may have tried it as well.

I really admire the Stephanie character because although she is head of heels for Morelli, she just doesn’t want to settle for anything less than she deserves.  She was a strong woman for moving out of his house in the end. She is really developing her blundering investigative ways but it works for her.

Few favourite scenes was the Ranger/Stephanie food fight takedown of the FTA. 

When Stephanie came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. Morelli hands her the phone through the bathroom door and see her all fresh and clean and he decides to make his sexy move.
Lula using her stun gun three different times on Joyce. Lula cracks me up!

And finally the last few pages when Morelli visits Stephanie at her parent`s front porch as she negotiates a riding his Duc by way of reminiscing their childhood memories. I do love that there is so much history there.
Four To Score is a great book for advancing their characters. Off to High Five!



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