Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where There's a Will by Katriena Knights

I got Where There's a Will for free on Kindle and did I luck out!!!! "Where There's a Will" was outstanding. I love Scotland and I have never read a Scottish contemp romance. All my Scottish reads have all been historical and usually there is an alpha male swinging a broadsword. I totally loved reading about modern day Scotland.
The setting is more the west coast of Scotland. Chloe Sullivan lands in Glasgow and the needs to travel five hours driving all around Loch Long to a small town Glen Dunn which was nestled in the middle of the Argyll Peninsula. (LOL I needed to write that down for future reference)

The setting alone was a character in the book and it made me long to go to Scotland even more. I loved this book because it was just so real.

Chloe comes to Scotland because her escentric great uncle passes away and wills her a cottage and a "castle". The castle is really a broken down fake ruin but the land is beautiful and highly desirable.
Her uncle's lawyer sends a friend Malcolm to the airport to pick her up. From the moment Chloe and Malcolm meet I loved them. Chloe was a typical suspicious New Yorker and I liked her right away. Malcolm just had to talk and I was in love with him. lol

Chloe's uncle had rules in his will that are odd but as a result she ends up staying in Scotland for a month instead of her original 2 weeks stay. Malcolm and Chloe become close and ultimately fall in love. The journey to their falling in love was a wonderful read and allowed for alot of sightseeing around Scotland.
Here are some of my favorite passages:
"I saw the slant of sunlight off Lock Fyne on a day when the sun was precious as a drop of gold, and I smelled the heather and felt the rain come down in a cold mist against my face."

"A great deal of blood has been shed on this soil, a great deal of pain inflicted. You can feel it sometimes, whispering in the trees, or crying out amongst the ruins of castles blown apart by the British, or by rival clans. They say the birds still willnae sing on Culloden field. You've no been there, of course, but 'tis a blackness there, as if the ghost still linger."

As Chloe and Malcolm fall in love they spend a powerfully emotional night on the grouds of a castle in a tent. It was a memorable read and the author wrote it just beautifully. I will remember that scene for a long time. I may of even of shed a tear.

The main conflict of Where There's a Will was that she is from New York and was planning on going back, Malcolm is from Glen Dunn and he would not leave Scotland. There is also a little twist and a secret regarding the will that Chloe did not tell Malcolm about.

One more lovely line that the author wrote that I loved "There is nothing sexier than a man singing to you. Except maybe a man in a kilt singing to you."
I will read Where There's a Will again!!

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