Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Away From Me by Sophie Oak

Callum Reed & Gaby Sullivan's book

Away From Me was really great. I hadn't read a book with heat in it for a while so it was awesome to start back up with this Sophie Oak book.

After three years of perfect obedience, Gaby declares she wants love. Love isn’t in their contract, so Cal lets her go. But Gaby has a secret reason for leaving. When Cal discovers the truth, nothing will stop him from following her. On a secluded island paradise, Callum will do anything to prove he’s the perfect Master for his defiant, loving sub.

I really enjoyed Away from Me. The book was a quick read and packed some punch with sweet BSDM heat. I loved the great storyline and the unexpected the turn of events. I love to read about all different types of D/s relationships and I really liked Gaby as a sub. I didnt start out liking Cal much as a DOM but by the end of the book I loved him.

There were times when I was reading the conversations between Gaby and Cal and I wanted to send Gaby my strength to get her to tell Cal to go to hell or make it more difficult for him.

Ultimately I liked how Gaby handled Cal and how the table got turned on him. Nice change and great display of strength on Gaby's part. I like when I read about subs that are strong and in control and when she left him at the beginning of the book, I knew I'd like her alot. (and I did!)

I have read a few books by Sophie Oak now and I have yet to be disappointed. I really love a newer author that blows my socks off!


Cathy M said...

Currently reading her Bliss series and this story up next.

Caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Cathy M said...

I've read all of Sophie's stories but this one and sounds like another winner.

Caity_mack at yahoo dot com