Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rosemary Entwined by Bianca Sommerland

Rosemary Entwined
Book Blurb:One kiss might save her, but if Rosemary has to lose even one of her men, she doesn’t want a prince.
The only role of Rosemary's nest of men is to feed her insatiable hunger for lust, but that's not what she wants for them. Or what they want from her. While Rosemary presses for them to live their own lives, they each find ways to steal into her heart. With the threat of her mother's nest hanging over them, Rosemary decides to surrender to the love they offer and focus on building their combined strength to stand against the inevitable attacks.

When her control over her powers slips, another problem arises. The nest is incomplete. A prince must be chosen, and if he is not among her men, she'll be forced to let one of them go.
She once feared her heart wasn't big enough to hold them all. Now she fears she's not strong enough to release even one. Even if it costs her her life.

I saw the beautiful cover with all the men and I couldn’t wait to read Rosemary Entwined. I do enjoy a good succubus story and I hadn’t read one in over a year. With all of the fantasy and the paranormal twists, I really wanted to love Rosemary Entwined.
I really liked the “idea” of Rosemary the succubus having a nest full of hunky men. Unfortunately the setting of the book is primarily at a college so most of the characters are young. The character Felix is only eighteen and because of his age, I found I didn’t want to read about the sex. I love a good ménage but when the characters start at eighteen, I really want to distance myself.

All the men aren’t that young but then I ran into another problem. A different male character Largo made this comment, “Maybe that’s one of the reasons your dad never let you call me uncle when you were young” so then I got a little uncomfortable that he was a bit too old for her. Then there was the introduction of a prince and there was forced seduction so I was hesitating once again.

I am sure it is difficult when you have a book with numerous characters to lend fair “air” time. I found Bianca Sommerland did a great job ensuring each of the men got their time and kudos for ensuring each of their personalities were really different. I had no trouble understanding who was who.

I did however have difficulty with some the grammar, over use of commas and the word structure. These are a few examples.
“The only thing she envied the boys was their bathroom, with its vanity and full sized bath.”

Long sentence - “The night was black velvet, crisp and clear and a little cold. They drove for an hour to find a quiet spot where they wouldn’t be disturbed and stretched out on the hood of Chetan’s old Toyota Corolla, staring up at the stars in companionable silence, Rosemary tucked close to Chetan for warmth and the sheer comfort of his presence.”

“Don’t call me that.” Rosemary’s eyes snapped and she pushed off the opposite....” Rosemary’s eyes snapped? Snapped what? Snapped open, snapped closed?

I feel an editor should have picked up the sentence structure errors. Sometimes I felt I was just reading draft copy and there were times where it became frustrating. I don’t like to think so much when I am reading. I just want to flow through it and enjoy the story.

Death, succubus, magic spells, magic apples, princes, queens, submission, spanking, interracial relationships, anal sex, ménage, toys well the list could go on. Rosemary Entwined has such a wide variety of kink and genre all mixed together in one story. If you want to immerse yourself in a fantastical paranormal story with twists, turns and angst then Rosemary Entwined is just the book for you!

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