Saturday, April 30, 2011

High Rise by A.E. Connelly

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

High Rise

By A.E. Connelly

Book Blurb:
He is her Pet. She is her best friend. The high rise apartment is their playground.

What an excellent double Dominatrix story High Rise was!

An experienced Mistress grants a girlfriend her fantasy by allowing her to play with her Pet. Her male Pet is more than eager to participate. It becomes clear rather quickly that the inexperienced woman has re-enacted her fantasy in her mind for so long that she quickly falls right into line with a Domme’s duties. Pet earns himself a pleasurable belt lashing on his backside while providing his usual Mistress an enjoyable show.

Reading the commentary of the Dominatrix’s double teaming gorgeous Pet was sexy and erotic.  The play scene that the trio creates is wicked awesome and I want to read a series about this group. When Pet repeats that he’s their slave and demonstrates his willingness to take their whippings and ministrations, it nicely wrapped this awesome dirty bit to a 4 heart review. What a nice little collection of dirty bits A.E. Connelly is creating.

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