Friday, April 22, 2011

Four on the Floor by Barry Lowe

Four on the Floor

Book Blurb:
When you find your relationship going stale and your boyfriend spends more time watching the hunk across the street through binoculars than he does with you, how can you get his attention back? How about a sexy strip in front of him and his sleazy boss and two of his horny buddies? Steve is bored with the same old/same old in his relationship with Billy and gets his kicks by spying on the slut in the apartment across the street, whose anal gymnastics get him hard. Billy is pissed at the lack of attention and when Steve’s sleazy, ugly boss arrives with two hot buddies in tow, he decides to put on an anal show of his own. But things get out of hand and Steve is forced to watch as money changes hands and Billy spreads his cheeks for anyone who wants him. this is not one of my normal reads. I'll admit that. I have read M/M before and really really liked them but what exactly can I say about this book? A Goodreads friend and I were chatting in a forum thread and she mentioned Four on the Floor. I am completly open to new genres, new ideas and willing to explore anything interesting so I decided to give Four on the Floor a go. I am scratching my head not knowing how to rate it. Is there a "I don't know" or a "I am not sure" heart rating? I didn't not like it. I didn't love it. It was different. Four on the Floor is short and inexpensive enought that if you want to try it and see for yourself, I'd say go for it. It is full out erotica so don't look for a romance story!

Okay so now all that explaining is over, Four on the Floor is a wild consensual M/M/M/M gang bang with one M watching. Enough said? It was a short quick read and only $2 on Amazon so why not?

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