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Blown Away by Stormy Night

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Blown Away

By Stormy Knight

Book Blurb:
Ace McAllister used to be what Greer Patrick lived for. Now ten years later, hes how she stays alive. Caught together outside during an F-3 tornado, they shield each other from the wrath of the storm. But, with their sizzling reunion, is Aces truck the only thing thats blown away?

The beginning of Blown Away starts the reader off with a little roll in the hay. Ace and Greer and are having a fun loving game of chase that results in a sweet little love making session in the barn hay pile.  I could practically hear their southern accents. I loved the beginning.

Blown Away then jumps ahead ten years and Greer finds herself minutes away from a raging tornado. This is where the writing gets spectacular. My heart was racing as I was reading about the destruction heading her way and Greer racing towards the underpass. As with Stormy Knight’s other book Red Hot Lightning, she is amazing at setting atmosphere for the reader. I got chills reading about the impending tornado with debris starting to swirl around her. As Greer dodges the falling hail balls to seek the shelter of the underpass, she discovers that she’s sharing the refuge with her long lost love Ace.

As the pair embrace for comfort to ward off nerves, Ace asks Greer to kiss her. Up to this point, I was totally into Blown Away. Everything was just amazing. But, here come the but. Stormy Knight then had the couple do a quickie while they were outside with a tornado swirling around them. Her bra flies away, the horrific sound of freight train surrounds them, his truck is even being lifted into the air and this is the moment they have sex?

From this point of the story, the writing remained good although I felt the storyline go a little off kilter. When Ace and Greer meet up again, they engage in some interesting swimming pool oral sex and the barriers between them crumble.

I have a soft spot for the southern drawls, Stetsons and repaired relationships so despite an odd story path the writing was great. I think I would love to read a straight fiction book by Stormy Knight.  

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