Thursday, April 14, 2011

Captivated & Entranced by Nora Roberts

Captivated - Nash Kirkland and Morgana Donovan's book
Entranced - Mary Ellen Sutherland and Sebastian Donovan's book

Captivated & Entranced was ok. 

I liked Entranced more than Captivated. I got the book as a super deal and since it the famed Nora Roberts why not right?

I have to admit, although the writing was excellent, the love and love making was just to foo foo for me.

For instance, "They moved together, flowing over the bed as if it were an enchanted lake. As the moon began to set, shifting night closer to day, they were lost in each other, surrounded by the magic brougth to the other."
See what I mean? Way over the top and the build up to their love making was literally pages long. All full of emotions, feeling and well, magic. I really like romance obviously and I love emotions and feelings but this was just not my cup of tea.

I have to also admit, I have determined that I'm just not a fan of witches and magic and stuff. The cover shows a beautiful castle (which drew me to the book to begin with) but the setting is California not Ireland. The parents of the Donovan's live in Ireland.

Anyhow I almost always finish a book I start so I did finish but I won't be looking out for the second book of the series even if it is in the clearance rack.

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