Saturday, April 16, 2011

Forbidden Pleasure by Lora Leigh


Forbidden Pleasure (Bound Heart)John "Mac" McCoy & Keiley Hardin's book & Jethro Riggs

Book Blurb: People have heard of fleeting rumors about The Club. Located just outside Washington, D.C., only its members know where men go when they want to indulge the desire to share their women with a carefully selected male partner. John “Mac” McCoy resigned his membership from The Club when he married Keiley Hardin. Tempting and innocent, sweet and sexy, she would never accept Mac’s desire to share her with another man. However, Mac’s fantasies of sharing his wife haunt his dreams. And his passions. Unable to wait any longer to draw his best friend Jethro Riggs into his marriage, Mac invites Jethro to their home with the intention of drawing Keiley into the pleasures that only be achieved when two men love the same woman. But there’s more going on in Mac’s neck of the woods than a little additional pleasure. A past case, a stalker that likes to playing games and his wife is now in the middle of it all. Passion and pleasure, danger and desire combine as forbidden pleasure becomes an addiction none of them can escape.

Ah Lora Leigh...the queen of erotic romance. The woman has an entire reader’s appreciation weekend convention and she holds this event every year. She has over 50 published books, is a part of 6 Anthologies and has numerous books with a TBA beside it. There is something so incredible about her writing. Her writing is beyond hot and her stories really capture you. “Forbidden Pleasure” was the first Lora Leigh book I bought and read. You really can’t be disappointed.

Keiley Hardin had a rough past. At seventeen she lost her home, he mother committed suicide and her father was charged with embezzlement and then imprisoned. The community had no one to take it out on so they gossiped about her and it nearly destroyed her. The effects still linger with her but slowly she is realising her inner power.

Jethro Riggs is Mac’s best friend and is still in the FBI. Jethro immediately fell for Keiley but he knew that he was not a commitment kind of guy and Keiley was a commitment kind of girl. It was Jethro that introduced Keiley and Mac together. As expected, Mac fell instantly in love with Keiley. Mac is fully aware that Jethro strongly desires Keiley and hopes that someday, the three of them could be together in a relationship.

So there’s the three characters. The book jumps ahead three years to give Mac and Keiley’s marriage some time together as a couple. Their ranch is doing great in North Carolina and slowly Keiley has become stronger about her sexuality and she is not as shy. She starts to question Mac about his past and the rumoured “The Club”. It is about this time that Mac is really missing the intimacy of threesome and he is restraining his sexual hungers. She starts to challenge him and asks him more about his sexual past and Mac confirms that he used to share women with Jethro. He really starts to challenge her back by doing things outside her comfort zone like making love to her outside. Something that she would never have done before.

Keiley becomes more and more curious about Jethro and is not denying how attracted she was towards him. Mac invites Jethro for a visit he takes him up on the offer of a vacation.

Jethro is working on a case and asks Mac for assistance and input. They start to work on a case together and slowly the story evolves into a murder case and Keiley becomes stalked. There are some really awesome page turning chapters where I was on the edge of my seat. The way that the men vow to keep her safe at all costs is so heroic and touching.

When the three get together, the sex is smoking hot and really well written. The plot is awesome and it has many twists and turns. I like Forbidden Pleasure because there is a really cool story here (especially the ending on how the villian is caught). There are some super hot scenes. I love their chemistry together as a threesome and I really enjoyed how Keiley started to embrace her desires. I think my favourite one is when Mac is driving home from a night of dancing and Jethro and Keiley fool around in the truck while sitting beside him. I was giggling but it was so hot. *fans self* This isn’t my favourite book of Lora Leigh but it is a great read and you won’t be disappointed.


Juana said...

This book sounds like a keeper. I love her books, but somehow missed this one. I have added it to my book wish list.


Anonymous said...

Great Author! will deffinately find this book now.

Shadow said...

Oh, i love this author! This was such a good book!