Saturday, April 30, 2011

One + One = Three by J.A. Blaze

Short Stories by Sapphire Night Books
Turquoise Morning Press

One One Three

By J.A. Blaze

Book Blurb:
When Steven invites his college crush over for a night of sex, he realizes that pleasuring one girl just isn’t enough. He dips his hands into the pleasure jar and calls Jenny over for a euphoric night she’ll never forget. They’ll all find out if things really are better in threes.

One + One = Three didn’t work for me.  
Many of the descriptive sentences didn’t make sense.  
“She now had a milky expression that looked as loose as her pussy.”
“Steven’s sweat began to slip into the threads of his sheets and there was a watery pool that collected around the knees.”

The one feature that I just couldn’t look past was the flawed action words. One + One=Three had a thrusting pelvis chipping away at her vagina, cupping a dick with an open palm and apparently Steven had such thick arms that they made the girls scream at the sight of them. Really? Scream just by looking at his arms?

In one paragraph J.A. Blaze wrote -
She kept her head propped up and watched the clock behind Steven as if she knew exactly how long it would take him to climax

And then in the next paragraph down wrote almost the exact same line -
She stared at the clock as if she knew exactly when he would climax, like she had some innate gift of knowing when the moment was destined to happen.”

Ménages need to be written in a choreographed manner. Extra care needs to be taken so that the reader understands where everyone is and what everyone is doing. Unfortunately I was too bewildered with the story content to enjoy any of the F/M/F activities.

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