Friday, September 21, 2012

One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood

Travis Clayborne & Emily Finnegan's book

One Pink Rose (Rose book 2)

By Julie Garwood

Book Blurb:Travis Clayborne may be the youngest of the Clayborne brothers, but he's most definitely his own man. Unless it means saying no to his beloved Mama Rose. And that's why Travis is escorting young Bostonian Emily Finnegan to Golden Crest, Montana -- where she'll discover what awaits her as a mail-order bride. Emily has made it perfectly clear that she's taken charge of her destiny and nothing is going to interfere. Falling in love with the perfect stranger isn't part of her plan, but the journey with Travis across this beautiful, rugged land opens her eyes... and her heart. Perhaps her destiny isn't exactly as she imagined.

These short Rose novellas sweetly wrap up each of the Clayborne brother's stories. This first Rose book belongs to Travis. I didn't really recall Travis too much from the first book so if a reader were to pick up this 150 page novella and read it on all on it's own, they'd be fine. 

One Pink Rose was a quick read but the time didn't go by so fast that the cute little story wasn't engaging. Travis and Emily were sweet to read about and I was often smiling while I read it. 

Each of the Rose novellas can be read in their own little book or a reader can purchase The Clayborne Brides as one book and they are nicely bundled together. 

The 1880 Montana setting was rugged and I pictured the territory perfectly. Travis and Emily flirted together as he escorted her off to meet her sight-unseen husband. What a tale these two could tell their family what awaited for them at the end of the journey. 

As it was, it all worked out perfectly. Cute little read. 

Teasers: men that never heard of teeth brushing, frying pan in the head really hurts, stagecoaches don't wait for kisses

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