Sunday, January 20, 2013

Magic Dreams by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels book #4.5
Jim & Dali's story

Magic Dreams

by Ilona Andrews

Book Blurb:Alpha Pack leader Jim Shrapshire has always been the strong, silent type. But something has come over him--a magic force currently residing in one of the Pack's headquarters. Were-tigress Dali Harimau has always wished she could get Jim's attention--but now he needs her help.
Stricken with a magic-sickness, Jim needs Dali's flair for magic. And to save him, she must challenge a powerful, dark being to a battle of wits.

Yes, I am just pumping through these books! Haven't done much else either. 

I was going to read the entire series first and then go back and try to read some of these in-between books but I was just drawn to Jim in this series and couldn't wait. I wanted to read a bit more about Jim and since we were introduced to Dali in an earlier book, it gave me the incentive to buy it. 

Magic Dreams is still 100% the Kate Daniels' world. The funny thing about this story is Dali really loves Jim (from afar) and Jim loves Dali (from afar) so Magic Dreams just gave the reader a treat in witnessing them finally come together. 

Dali's mom was the scene stealer in Magic Dreams. I could picture her vividly talking and being as animated as her descriptions read. I loved their mother/daughter relationship interactions. I am a fan of the fact that Kate Daniels' world involves all different sorts of nationalities and cultures. It just enhances the story over all. Indonesia women are beautiful and even if Dali doesn't think she is, her modesty, bravery and loyalty is extremely attractive. It didn't come across that she had low self esteem, she just didn't think she was beautiful. 

Jim on the other hand, thinks that Dali is beautiful and as such, he even thought it was worth learning her native first language. I adore that he is so alpha yet needs to tread carefully around Dali to hide his feelings. 

As always there is a big yucky villain and Dali's creative calligraphy magic is used to save Jim. It was not lost on me that Jim is a major alpha and Dali is a bespectacled short woman who bravely saves the day. 

Teasers: hand holding moment that I loved, spidery magic, family force


Julie said...

First of all, Jim and Dali are going to get a full book like Andrea. Woot!
I adore the line: “This was actually really, really happening.
He kissed me.
Oh my gods."
That line is so freaking amazing!

Unknown said...

Good news about them getting their own book. I didnt know that!