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More Than a Cowboy by Paige Tyler

Both stories combined into one book

I purchased "More Than a Cowboy" directly from the author, Paige Tyler at the Reader & Writer Convention in Cincinnati during a book signing event. What a wonderful time to meet authors! Paige Tyler is a new to me author and she did not request this book review. 

"More Than a Cowboy" is one book with two stories.  I'm a fan of sexy cowboy books so "More Than a Cowboy" caught my interest. 

Karleigh & Mav & Holden's book

Karleigh's Cowboys

By Paige Tyler

Book Blurb:
Two ranch hands are better than one!

Karleigh Blake hasn’t take a vacation in years, so when her friend talks her into coming out to her Colorado ranch for some fun and relaxation, she jumps at the chance. Once there, she meets up with two hot and hunky ranch hands named Holden Donnelly and Mav Ryan who definitely know how to show a girl a good time.

It starts as two separate rolls in the hay, and she’s concerned she isn’t going to be able to hide that she’s sleeping with both of them. She's surprised when the two cowboys compare notes and decide they don’t mind sharing her – as long as they can do it at the same time!

Nothing lifts my spirits than reading about a woman taking what she wants. Those are my favourite types of erotic stories. Society wouldn't even bat an eyelash if a man decided to do what Karleigh did by taking two lovers. 

Fitting the story is called Karleigh's Cowboys

Karleigh is on vacation and she has been so busy working in her New York life that when the chance to just let loose and experience some wild sexual encounters comes up, she just goes for it. I loved that her decision was guilt free and she just let herself do it. Her thoughts were not heavy nor did they bog down the story. Instead the author, Paige Tyler wrote Karleigh to unabashedly take on Holden one night and then Mav the next. Why not? All consenting adults right. 

I loved what Holden and Mav's reaction was on the third night after discovering what Karleigh had done. As reader, I just went with their lustful reactions and a super hot threesome ensues. In fact, the confrontation was so hot that it moved my rating of a 3 (Liked) up to a 4 (Really Good). 

Teasers:  cowboy boots, pony tail love, hot picnic, barn spankings

Heather & Clint & Blaine's book
And The Ranch Hand Makes Three

By Paige Tyler

Book Blurb:

In this sequel to Karleigh’s Cowboys, Heather Collins and her husband Clint hire hunky new ranch hand Blaine Saunders. While he clearly has the qualifications to work on a ranch, Heather and Clint are more interested in how good he is in bed.

Clint gets turned on by watching his wife have sex with other men, and since Heather is more than happy to oblige, she doesn’t waste any time seducing Blaine. She and the new ranch hand go from knocking boots in the barn to put
ting on a show for her husband before finally engaging in a kinky threesome that involves bondage, spanking and some scorching hot sex for all three of them.

Wow the second half of "More Than a Cowboy" was even hotter than the first half. And The Ranch Hand Makes Three dabbles in a little of each of the erotic genres. There is voyeurism, bondage, spankings, orals, threesomes and a whole lot more. Clint and his wife, Heather have some serious kink fetishes and their new ranch hand, Blaine was very happy to oblige. 

I liked that Paige Tyler wrote that the hunky Blaine was all new to this sort of kink. Although he was not virginal by no means, I did like that he had never spanked before nor had he participated in a threesome with a married couple before. The initial offer made to him by Heather, made him have to think about it for few days. The delay helped with the climatic group finale. (Which was extremely hot). More Than a Cowboy was really good book with two really great stories so it is a perfect fitting for my 4 heart rating. I am going to have to look up what other erotic stories Paige Tyler has put out. 

Teasers: Shower smut,  new uses for a saddle, duel crop & strap paddling

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Paige Tyler said...

So great meeting you at Lori's! So glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks so much for the fantastic review!