Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Madness by Maggie Wells

Shelli Ann Jones and Kevin O'Shea's book

March Madness (Hot Nights in St. Blaise book 3)

By Maggie Wells

Book Blurb:
Shelli Ann Jones never considered ‘It takes one to know one’ an effective pick-up line, but when she runs headlong into St. Blaise Regional Medical Center’s elusive Mr. March, she revises her opinion.

Trauma Surgeon Kevin O’Shea should come with a sign that reads BEWARE OF THE DOG, but Shelli Ann couldn’t hold that against him. She only wanted him for his body. At first.

Kevin is fascinated by his new neighbor. So fascinated, he might be turning into peeping Kevin.

The tables turn when Shelli Ann uses the same meaningless flirtation, casual intimacy, and careful standoffishness Kevin thought he had trademarked against him, forcing him to unleash the full force of his dogged determination in his pursuit to win the heart of the only woman who could break his.

Very excited to have read my monthly St. Blaise fix. You don't have to read the books in order and I find myself looking forward to the beginning of each month to read about a new calendar hottie. 

March Madness could have been titled "Dog Days of March" as a canine nickname game was frequently used in teasing. Trauma surgeon Kevin O'Shea may not normally date his hospital colleagues but he certainly has the distinction around town as being a "dog" type of guy. Admittedly he acknowledges the reputation with an "arf". We all know a guy like Kevin in real life. The flirty hottie who always gets the girl despite having a reputation as a "love 'em and leave" guy. It was so satisfying to read about a man like Kevin meeting his match with Shelli Ann. 

Shelli Ann is new to town and she is in charge. She is top dog in her new position at the hospital and from their first rain soaked encounter, pretty much had Kevin eating out of the palm of her hand. Seems to me that Shelli Ann was a bit of a dog in her own right. Whether Shelli Ann is wrapped up in a skimpy shower towel or donning rain soaked hospital scrubs, she leaves Kevin with images he can't seem to shake. It's enough to drive a man to wash is sheets or vigorously clean his house. 

Playful banter, hot sex and spring Missouri rains take center spot in this March Madness novella. Looking forward to April. 

Teasers: parking lot encounter, bed sheet curtain, lots of wet, new meaning to the term friendly neighbours

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