Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mr. Mayhem by Maggie Wells

Melanie Curtis and Dr. Marc Mayhew's book

Mr. Mayhem (St. Blaise book 5)

by Maggie Wells

Book Blurb:Lab tech Melanie Curtis claims Dr. Marc Mayhew’s shy smile won her vote for Mr. May, but the fact is, she’s been aching to get a taste of the delicious Pathologist’s mochachino skin since the moment she set eyes on him.
Quiet and reserved, Marc was happy to take refuge in his research until she walked into his lab. He tried to ignore the attraction that sparked and sizzled each time she drew near, all too aware of the strict edicts issued by the hospital’s Human Resources department, but he couldn’t deny that he wouldn’t mind subjugating himself to his bossy little subordinate. Over and over again.
The only variable he couldn’t predict was how far Melanie was willing to go to get the results she expected. When she tests his mettle, Marc finds he’s more than willing to risk everything on a case of chemistry run amok if it means he can claim her as his. For keeps.

May's edition of the St. Blaise series, Mr. Mayhem was a lot of fun to read. Book 5 continues with the sexy calendar models and Dr. Mayhew cause mayhem with Melanie. 

Each of these books can be read as a stand alone. 

Mr. Mayhem had me giggling and smiling all the way through. Melanie is a spitfire. I love me some smirks and smiles along with my smut and Mr. Mayhem totally delivers. 

Melanie is a lab tech who reports into the sexy doctor and after months of pinning for Dr. Mayhew, she takes charge. "It was time to put up or shut up...or, as she hoped the case would be, put out." I was fist pumping and chanting, 'YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!'

She waits for the rest of her co-workers to leave for the day and with her confidence in check, she prepares to tell the good doctor what she wants. Of course, she was going to deliver this speech wearing nothing but her black lace bra & panties under a crisp white lab coat. Well that got his attention!

It turns out it wasn't much of a reach because Marc had been in turn longing for Melanie as well. The scare of a harassment suite was the only thing holding him back. As Melanie and Marc embark on a weekend of bedded bliss they discover just how much in love they have been with each other all along. I loved how they revealed memories from their past and how they held each other all weekend. 

Teasers: "jungle love" comment causes slamming doors, The Gap exotic, peanut butter staple diet, longing for cookies, 'who's going to quit' banter

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