Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Last First Date by Maggie Wells

The Last First Date

By Maggie Wells

Book Blurb:
First date number forty-eight comes to a screeching halt for detective Langley Sheppard when his date lifts a pack of gum from the local convenience store. But things start looking up when he encounters spunky damsel in distress Jessica Vickers, who's stranded in the store parking lot. Now Lang is about to discover that on a night when everything goes wrong, falling for Jessica feels spectacularly right.

Yay! My favourite naughty author, Maggie Wells had a newly published story, The Last First Date

Have you ever just dashed to the store wearing your old yoga pants, no makeup, perhaps even a hat to cover your messy hair and then worry you may run into an old boyfriend or someone you know? Well that's what happened to Jessica except she was wearing track pants and a puffy hot pink coat with a broken zipper. Just a quick jaunt to the store for your chip fix and presto there is a heartthrob, Langley. Of course Langley is wearing a suit and dress shoes and looks good enough to lick. I felt for Jessica. The last person you'd want to run into is a hottie like Langley when you feel you look your worst and miserable sleety weather is blowing all around . To top it all off, Jessica just discovered that her car is broken down. Regardless, the chemistry between the pair was still there. 

I loved how the story moved forward from their first encounter. A series of entertaining events finally gets them inside Jessica's house where the freezing New Year's Eve temp outside is quickly forgotten. 

Langley is a stand up guy and Jessica is highly likeable. Erotic authors like Maggie Wells impress me with their ability to write steamy sex scenes when a couple barely knows each other. I mean, does that happen in real life? (Well, not in my circle anyhow) Yet, Langley and Jessica having hot lustful sex comes across as totally believable. They connected. They aren't slutty. In fact, they seem very ordinary with Langley loving his grandma and Jessica was wearing shoes with holes in them. 

One of the things that draws me to Maggie Wells' stories is how she writes the couple's banter and their conversations. There is always underlying humour but not laugh out loud forced humour. Even during sex there is conversation. Her protagonists are so likeable. I was once again treated to this banter in The Last First Date

I wish it didn't end so quickly for Lang and Jessica. I'd love to read more about their story and future. As usual, I just want more of Maggie Wells' story. 

Teasers: premixed margaritas and nacho cheese flavoured chips,  scarf on doorknob, officer interruption

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