Sunday, September 23, 2012

One White Rose by Julie Garwood

Douglas Clayborne & Isabel Grant's book

One White Rose

By Julie Garwood

Book Blurb:Douglas Clayborne will never turn his back on anyone in need, and everyone in Blue Belle knows it. Time and again, his intolerance of cruelty of any kind has made him a champion of the defenseless ...
but his quiet strength faces its ultimate battle when he meets Isabel Grant. He arrives at her ranch to pick up the magnificent Arabian stallion he's purchased, but he cannot leave the vulnerable woman behind when he discovers the danger that threatens her. Convincing the stubborn, strong-willed beauty that she needs him is another matter. Douglas can stop the men from stealing her ranch and her horses, but he cannot stop Isabel Grant from stealing his heart.

I really liked this tale. Isabel and Douglas were a great pair to read about. 

Douglas stumbles across a very pregnant Isabel in her barn. In fact she almost shoots him. Luckily Douglas showed up when he did because it was that very night she delivers. 

Looking back at Isabel's situation, I don't know exactly what she would have done if Douglas has not shown up when he did. She had no food in the house, she was caring for horses and was about to deliver her baby all alone on the barn floor. Talk about a situation in peril. I had to admire her strength. The women of this time sure had it hard. I can't imagine being placed in the same situation as Isabel. 
One White Rose seemed a lot longer than the mere 150 pages it was. It had depth and the time passed along nicely. It was well paced. Each of these Rose novellas can easily be read on their own.

Douglas was a man I admired and he completely put his life on hold while he helped Isabel get back on her feet. It was no wonder how close the pair grew. I loved how protective he was towards Isabel and how he quickly fell into the father role for her newborn son. 

Teasers: barn floor delivery, gun fight, caring doctor, Clayborne brothers to the rescue

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