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Just a Kiss Away by Jill Barnett

Eulalie Grace LaRue (Lottie or Lollipop) and Sam Forester's book

Just a Kiss Away

By Jill Barnett

Book Blurb:Arriving on a lush Pacific island, Eulalie Grace LaRue was soon to be reunited with the father she hadn't seen since childhood. Yet before Lollie's dreamed-of meeting could take place, the lovely Southern belle was caught in the crossfire of a violent revolution -- and thrown into the rugged arms of Sam Forester.
On the run in the jungle, the battle-scarred soldier of fortune didn't know what to do with the pampered blonde placed in his care. Survival was his top priority, but he could not resist Lollie's seductive charm...or deny the growing attraction between them. Though Sam thrived on chance and risk, falling in love was the one chance he wasn't willing to take.
Powerless against the desire that consumed them both, Lollie surrendered to his passionate embrace. But when he dismissed her affections, she was determined to fight for prove that in the steamy heat of paradise, two hearts would find the love of a lifetime....

I'm exhausted after this read. What an adventure. 

Despite the fact I could not stand the heroine, Lollie, Just a Kiss Away was a great story. One adventure after another. I guess I have to thank Lollie for all of those moments but still, annoying is one effective word to describe her. 

Just a Kiss Away seemed like a really long book. It kept going and going and just when I thought it was going to wind down, something else popped up. Lottie and Sam experience one adventure after another. Hacking their way through bug infested jungles to escaping mercenaries and armed soldiers, Sam put up with a lot of Lottie's inexperience and jinx ridden aversions. 

I understand why Lottie was the way she was. In 1896 women were still really sheltered and with Lottie having a whole slew of older brothers guarding her every move, the lady never got to experience much. Lottie could barely walk by a table without toppling it over. A lot of screaming, crying, whining and sulking by Lottie almost had me giving up on the book. I am not a fan of helpless women and Lottie was pretty much the most helpless women I have ever about. Even her general attitude was childish. I stuck it out because I was driven to see how it would all end. I am glad I did. 

Sam may have been a mercenary but Lottie was his match. I could not tell you how many times I felt sorry for him. Not pity. I felt sorry for him because I would never want to be stuck with a person like Lottie tracking through jungle. He had way more patience than I ever would have had. 

Lottie antics did allow for some very funny scenes and just as many eye rolling moments. There really are no slow pauses in Just a Kiss Away as the story was constantly moving. It was like an action movie. 

Some great quotes:
Lollie and Sam yelling at each other
"If Abraham's son had been like you, Sam Forester, it wouldn't have been a sacrifice!"
"If Christ'd had you along, he wouldn't have needed a cross to become a martyr."

Sam after Lollie accidentally stabs him with a knife 
"Any bastard stupid enough to give Lollie LaRue a knife deserves to get stabbed." 

Teasers: spiky raw chicken, Medusa the scene stealing bird, tarantula thread roll, trained fighting roosters

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