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The Wedding Day Collection by various authors

The Wedding Day Collection 

By Various Authors

Book Blurb:
The honor of your presence is requested to the pages of The Wedding Day Collection, an anthology of tales celebrating that love-inspired event. All of these short stories rev
olve around the romance of the wedding day. From an unexpected bump and an outspoken wedding crasher to a missing groom, we hope these stories will make you smile and warm your heart.

Always the Groomsman
by Margaret Ethridge

What a treat! If you've read Margaret Ethridge's fabulous book, Commitment you are going to reaaallly love Always the Groomsman. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading the full length novel Commitment than you are still going to enjoy Always the Groomsman because it is a sweet, light hearted story that has an overbearing family take over what was to be a small, discrete wedding ceremony. Maggie and Tom are a mature couple (not twenty something) and they already have a sweet baby boy with another baby on the way when they finally make their way to declare their wedding vows. The story starts with poor Maggie puking while squatting on the floor at Dunkin Donuts and ends with a river of pink and white streamers and a spray of confetti in a Judge's office. So much fun. 
This is the wedding readers didn't get in Commitment and it was exactly what I was hoping for. Lots of family and love surrounding them. 

Veiled Threat 
by Cheryl Norman

I wasn't a fan of Veiled Threat. The story was to deep requiring far more background and time to tell the story rather than having it jammed into a short anthology. I liked the premise but the leaps of assumptions that the protagonists had to make to move this story forward quickly were way to unbelievable. Also due to the how short the story was, there was too many conveniences. For example she was drugged, kidnapped, made a clean get away from kidnapper (he tripped while chasing her) then to have her run to the car (completely not groggy despite just waking up from said drugging) to find the keys conveniently still in the ignition. I bet if the author was able to stretch out the story and not make everything so favourable, it would have been better. 

White Wedding
by Karen Stivali

White Wedding was a fairly undramatic story of a couple, in love and getting married. It was a whole lot of fluff. Sweet instant messages over the computer, lots of gooey compliments and love. Unfortunately, a very unforgettable story. 

Wine, Roses and Twins
By Suzanne Lilly

Well that was fun! I read Wine, Roses and Twins so fast because it was action packed. I think I was exhausted from the adrenaline rush reading about the trek to get the maid of honour to the hospital in time for her baby deliveries. I have to say, I adored this story. There was such closeness between the sisters and I loved how sweet and fitting it was that a new set of sisters entered the world. 

Schrodinger's Cake
by Ute Carbone

Another cute story. When Evan had a slight car accident bumping into the back of Gina's bakery van, he may have been thankful that she didn't get hurt but the smashed wedding cake was a different story. I actually saw this story all playing out in my head. I really liked it. I thought it was a bit of a reach that Evan was already thinking about "love" regarding Gina but maybe that is what love at first sight is really about. Evan and Gina made a great team.  

Not Getting Married Today
by Jennifer Johnson

I loved Not Getting Married Today. I think I loved it so much because I could really relate to the David's girlfriend, Janie. You see David is a preacher (a really cool preacher I might add) and his girlfriend Janie is not religious at all. She is a very nice person, she has high morals and all her friends lean on her for support but she does not attend church. The problem is that David really wants to start with some sort of marriage conversation with her and she is just waiting for the dreaded "Jesus" talk. She has been waiting and waiting and waiting and yet, David never brings up how he plans to save her soul. This belated conversation is exactly how I feel when I find out someone is religious. I almost avoid them because I am so sure that they are going to pounce on me and try to convert me or shame me. 
     Ultimately the interesting thing about Not Getting Married Today is that the story is actually about a couple who are at the church about to get married by David when a massive secret comes of the closet. David and Janie are supposed to be the side story but really they are the main protagonists. Very clever of the author. 

All Action, No Talk
by Evelyn Jules

All Action, No Talk is a delightful story that includes circus performers and love. When I think of romantic couples, I admit that a clown and a mime are not a likely pair that comes to mind. However Evelyn Jules pulls it off. Alice (a professional circus clown) finds herself about to get married to the wrong man and knows she is going to make the biggest mistake of her life. Thankfully the man she has been secretly in love with for years decides that even though he is a professional circus mime, now it is the time to speak up. Alex is used to acting out his story through body motions but he realizes if he doesn't act out in real life, he could lose Alice forever. Now this was a wedding that I would have loved to attend. 

Magnolia Brides
by Valerie Haight

I am on the fence deciding if I liked the story of Magnolia Brides or not. There is a supernatural twist in this love story. I do have to say that I loved this quote and I highlighted it because it rings so true. "A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts." That is a brilliant line. Jorrie receives a drunken breakup phone call from her fiance the very night of the wedding rehearsal. My heart was sad for her but I wasn't really feeling the devastation on her part. I suppose it was because her lifetime friend made a huge confession that same night. A memorable night for her in so many ways. 

NOTE: A Wedding Day Collection has a zero heat rating as nothing more than a kiss appears in the stories. Lots of love and fluff. 

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