Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thief by Tarryn Fisher

Caleb Drake's story

Thief (Love Me With Lies book 3 - Final Book)

By Tarryn Fisher

Book Blurb:
Caleb Drake never got over his first love. Not when he got married. Not when she got married. When life suddenly comes full circle Caleb must decide how how far he is willing to go to get the aloof and alluring Olivia Kaspen back. But for every action in life there is a consequence, and soon Caleb finds out that sometimes love comes at an unbearably high price.

Thief is the conclusion in a 3 part series, Love Me With Lies. They are not stand alone books. You must first read, book 1 - The Opportunist and then book 2 - Dirty Red.  This series is the most twisted, mind blowing love triangle ever written. They consumed me for days. 

Each of the books are told in that particular protagonist's point of view. Each of the books are written where every chapter is either in the past or in the present. They flowed together well and it was not confusing to flip between the years. 

Thief is Caleb's book. Caleb is desperately in love with Olivia. Leah is insanely in love with Caleb. Olivia is determined to believe that she is not worthy of the kind of love Caleb offers and self destructs and sees the worst in every situation. These three books will exhaust you. They will consume you. They will leave you with a book hangover. 

It is hard to write a review on Thief because in doing so, you would have to understand the depth of what occurred in the first two books. I am emotionally wrought. The series spans over ten years. Ten years of drama and one heck of a roller coaster ride. It was worth it. The writing is spectacular. I can't remember when I highlighted and quoted so much in books. These books could be a study of human nature. Absolutely amazing read. 

"I’ve got more of her in my veins than blood."

"Let me carry you out. I’ll never let you touch the ground. I was made to carry you, Olivia. You’re fucking heavy with all of your guilt and self-loathing. But, I can do it. Because I love you."

"She was like water. She moved through everything no matter how hard it was. If there was something she couldn’t control, she’d flow right over the top of it and keep going."

"Broken people give broken love. And we are all a little broken. You just have to forgive and sew up the wounds love delivers, and move on."

"I know, I know that I am the match and she is the gasoline and without each other we are just two objects void of reaction." 

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