Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Entwined by Colette Gale

Entwined (Serial book 1)

by Colette Gale

Book Blurb:
When not-as-proper-as-one-would-think Victorian woman Jane Clemons convinces her father to take her on an expedition in the jungle, her only goal is to find her lover Jonathan, who disappeared three years earlier. She and her father, along with Jonathan’s trusted friend Kellan Darkdale, set off on their journey.
But shortly after their party arrives on the coast of Madagascar, Jane finds herself enthralled not only by the freedom and beauty of the lush jungle, but a reclusive wild man who seems to be fascinated by her.

ENTWINED is a novella (about 80 pages). It’s the first in a series that will follow Jane Clemons and her explicit, erotic adventures in the jungle.

First let me start off and say I hate serial books. Totally hate them. However I did bite at Entwined for two reasons. One, it was free. Second, it was a Tarzan and Jane book. I have always been so intrigued with Tarzan and Jane and I thought there certainly isn't any harm is downloading a freebie from Amazon.

I wasn't disappointed but I also wasn't thrilled either. I would bet if I read this story as a full length novel, I'd have liked it a whole bunch more. One of the reasons I despise serial books is because each book leaves off on a cliffhanger and you are forced to buy the next installment to read on. I really really reallllly hate that. It is such a turn off for me. I'd rather have spent $5 and got the entire book than a grabby grab for a continuous purchases. Oh well, I knew that going in so I shouldn't really complain. Good on the author for letting it been known in the book blurb that it is a serial book before you buy. 

The writing was really good. Great descriptions. Easy to follow and even though it was a novella, I got to know the characters pretty fast. Since it is an erotic novella, there are a few great steamy scenes. Of course you have to read further into the series to get the smoking steamy scenes. 

Couldn't go wrong for a free purchase but the carrot that was dangled in front of my face at the end did not entice me to move on to the next book. 

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