Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top Secret Twenty One by Janet Evanovich

Top Secret Twenty-One

by Janet Evanovich

Book Blurb:
Trenton, New Jersey’s favorite used-car dealer, Jimmy Poletti, was caught selling a lot more than used cars out of his dealerships. Now he’s out on bail and has missed his date in court, and bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is looking to bring him in. Leads are quickly turning into dead ends, and all too frequently into dead bodies. Even Joe Morelli, the city’s hottest cop, is struggling to find a clue to the suspected killer’s whereabouts. These are desperate times, and they call for desperate measures. So Stephanie is going to have to do something she really doesn’t want to do: protect former hospital security guard and general pain in her behind Randy Briggs. Briggs was picking up quick cash as Poletti’s bookkeeper and knows all his boss’s dirty secrets. Now Briggs is next on Poletti’s list of people to put six feet under.

To top things off, Ranger—resident security expert and Stephanie’s greatest temptation—has been the target of an assassination plot. He’s dodged the bullet this time, but if Ranger wants to survive the next attempt on his life, he’ll have to enlist Stephanie’s help and reveal a bit more of his mysterious past.

Death threats, highly trained assassins, highly untrained assassins, and Stark Street being overrun by a pack of feral Chihuahuas are all in a day’s work for Stephanie Plum. The real challenge is dealing with her Grandma Mazur’s wild bucket list. A boob job and getting revenge on Joe Morelli’s Grandma Bella can barely hold a candle to what’s number one on the list—but that’s top secret.

Guess what? I actually liked Top Secret Twenty-One. I loved that it wasn't as whimsical or quirky and there was actually a bit of mystery this time. Oh yes, Ranger was in Top Secret Twenty-One a lot more too so that was a total bonus. 

Yes there was the very exact same formula in every other previous book. Stephanie's mom continues to relieve her stress by ironing, lots of explosions, lots of pizza and donuts and Stephanie's grandma is hilarious.

I did find the writing style a bit different this book though. The plot seemed to actually have a mystery behind it which is something I have missed when Janet Evanovich's previous books hit the midteens. I don't think I have rated her books a 5 star since Twelve Sharp and Top Secret Twenty One won't be getting one either. However, I did enjoy it a lot and it was great reading. There are the guaranteed laugh out loud moments and for sure the great big smiles. I read the majority of the book in the waiting room at the hospital and people kept looking over at me every time I giggled. That happened a lot so that was a good sign. 

I will continue to purchase these feel good books because they serve their purpose with me. I smile. I laugh. I giggle. Worth the money. 

Teasers: minions,  war of the grandmas, Stephanie's best 3 seconds, Russian terrorist

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh Ranger is a definite plus :) I think I'm at book 18? I need to do a quickie binge and catch up. I still enjoy them for the most part even if they aren't insta-reads for me these days. Glad to hear this one had a little more oompf to it :)