Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Just a quick post to wish you a wonderful Easter weekend. This time of year is always so fresh and exciting. Today my husband cut our lawn for the first time, I switched out the seasonal clothes from my closet and I had our windows wide open with a cool fresh breeze blowing throughout our upstairs. 

Our youngest boy is twelve yet my husband still bought little Easter eggs and wants to hide them. My twelve year old (is this very minute) begging his dad to just give him the chocolate eggs. Funny how hubby just doesn't want to let go of those childhood traditions. 

Tomorrow is the big family dinner and that is one reason I do love the holidays. Our lives get so busy that sometimes seeing family gets put on the back burner. Holidays force us to make that best effort and once the busy day is over, you get to wondering why we don't all get together more often. I'm so blessed to have family so close, I really should take the opportunity more often. 

All the best and however you celebrate the holidays, I hope it is safe and happy. 

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Julie said...

I'm so with your hubby on this one. I love Easter egg hunts! Maybe I'll come over and he can hide them for me. ;)

All the best to you and your family! Happy Easter! :)