Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mercy by Julie Garwood

Dr Michelle (Mike) Renard and Theo Buchanan's book


By Julie Garwood

Book Blurb:
Justice Department attorney Theo Buchanan, devoted to his crime-fighting career, encounters a group of four white-collar professionals calling themselves The Sowing Club. Their sophisticated crimes have amassed millions of dollars in a Cayman Islands bank account. Buchanan follows them down the dark road of their passions and obsessions.

I have to be honest and say I was kind of going into Mercy with low expectations. The ratings on Goodreads and Amazon were not up to the normal Julie Garwood standards but I really did want to move on to the next book in the Buchanan series. You can definitely read Heartbreaker or Mercy as stand alones but I much prefer to read books in order. I am glad I went in thinking it was going to be mediocre because I loved Mercy. I thought it was smart and written beautifully. 

I just LOVED this epilogue. It starts off with the protagonist Michelle as a child. I swear I could have read an entire story of just Michelle as a child. I was that entertained.  The relationship with her father was heartwarming and so sweet. The introduction sent the tone for the entire book and allowed you to understand why a brilliant and talented surgeon (as Michelle grew up to be) wanted to return to her little hick Cajun town in Louisiana once she was established in her medical career. I loved her Daddy. I adored him. 

Theo Buchanan was a pretty typical hero. No real surprises. He was drop dead gorgeous and a high ranking attorney in the Justice Department. He had been so busy in his career taking down bad gangster mob bosses that he really never took any time for himself. He had some wonderful character moments and was as sexy as hell.

The villians were a very interesting group of characters. I just loved how there were all deceptively written and how their criminal Sowing Club group was formed. There were actually times I was rooting for them because they were so close to getting away with murder so many times. Basically, it was trainwreck, a comedy of errors, a complete debacle of problems. I could feel the frustration oozing off the pages. I seriously didn't like the group but I just loved how Julie Garwood kept making them move one step forward; two steps back. Loved it!

I really liked how Theo and Michelle just seem to flow together into a relationship. It was not forced nor were they forced to be separated by the plot. They had an attraction, and they went for it. The strength of the Sowing Club conflict was enough to keep the reader interested which allowed for an actual romance. No pinning away, no silly  misunderstandings, just a great story of two people falling in love while the strife around them was bubbling to a boiling point. Mercy was a really good read. 

Teasers: New football coach in town, no cards with all the food deliveries (this made me giggle lots), iron fence to keep Lois out, gunfire battle in the swamp

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