Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Whisper of Roses by Teresa Medeiros

Sabrina Cameron and Morgan MacDonnell's book

A Whisper of Roses

By Teresa Medeiros

Book Blurb:As she peered over the edge of the gallery, Sabrina Cameron trembled at the sight of the sun-bronzed giant striding into view. But she never recognized the stranger...not until the moment she found herself surrounded by arms of warm steel—and drowning in smoldering green eyes that had once held cool disdain but now shimmered with passion. Morgan MacDonnell, the boy, had been her tormentor. Now it looked as if Morgan, the man, would prove infinitely more dangerous...

Though hatred divided their clans, Morgan MacDonnell had come to Cameron Glen hoping for a truce...only to find that by evening's end the only way to avert bloodshed between the two families was for him to marry his enemy's daughter. But even as Morgan spirited Sabrina away to his rugged fortress, his battle would not be won. For this delicate rose of a girl would put up a bold fight...and the spoils of victory would be nothing less than a heathen MacDonell's heart.

Originally Published 1993

 I wanted to love this story. I really did. I was so in the mood for a "take me away to the Scottish Highlands" type of book. I have to admit, more than the first half of the book was outstanding. 

I was reading away and wondering to myself why A Whisper of Roses was not rated higher because I was immensely enjoying the story, loving the characters and totally enjoying the 1730 time period. So where did it go wrong for me? The story got really derailed and then went on far too long. A Whisper of Roses was 407 pages but it easily could have been edited down by 100 pages. In fact it if was, I think it would have been a memorable classic. Such a shame. 

The magic of Teresa Medeiros' writing was present but you can tell it was an early Mederios' style. I was swept away to the cool Highlands during a brisk wintertime season and the characters were immensely interesting but on and on the story went and then it moved in another direction. 

The Prologue was fabulous. In fact I didn't want it to end. The story started out with Sabrina and Morgan as children and the background that was written was a solid foundation for the rest of the book.

There were some great lines as well. I think this one was my favourite as it captured Morgan's personality perfectly. 

"Then with what tender phrases do you woo the lasses?" 
"Bend over usually does it."

I am glad I read it, I just wanted to love it. 

Teasers: barefoot Highlander, Pookah over the cliff, Clan betrayal, motherhood surprise


Krista said...

Lol, talk about a blast from the past. I remember reading this when I was much younger and just discovering romance novels.

Unknown said...

I know right! I love books that are blasts from the past.