Monday, October 8, 2012

Passionate Exhibitions Anthology by various authors

Anthology by various authors

Passionate Exhibitions

By various authors

Book Blurb:
Museums. Places of grandeur and mystery, hidden corners and secrets. Walk the halls of any museum and find a past life in a necklace, an alternate reality in a painting, a terrible curse from a statue, or your wildest fantasies come to life. From the distant past to the far flung future, these stories will titillate and tantalize you. Welcome to the Passionate Exhibition.

Worshiping His Goddess 
By Voirey Linger
James and Hailey's story was heart warming with the perfect ending. I loved this goddess story because James and Hailey are represented as an every day couple that have experienced a fertility problem. The couple realized how distanced they have become with their intimate life turning into ovulation charts and temperatures readings. With the introduction of the Goddess Marguerite painting it gave the couple a pause of realization that they still have each other and how not to loose site of the prosperity they already have with each other as a couple. Loved it! A lot.

Good Vibrations
By Mia Jae
A delicious F/F story that takes place on an airplane AND in a vibrator museum. Good Vibrations had me blushing and feeling so naughty. I loved it. It was awesome that the two women have been best friends since kindergarten and then on girlfriends getaway, they decide to be brave and act on their sexual feelings and attraction for each other. A really well done F/F story. 

Under the Lion's Curse
By Kim Knox
Hmm. I don't think I was a fan of this story. Maybe it was a bit too "out there" for me. With the first two stories being contemporary I was thrown off a bit with this paranormal type of story. Maybe it was a bit too deep and intricate for quick anthology story. 

Portrait of Passion
By Maggie Wells
A sensually hot story. Portrait of Passion was such a carnal delicious storyline. A cop, a sexy artist, a mirror, paints and the couple's chemistry made for a pallet of passion. The fervency of this story was outstanding. I have bookmarked this story for a future re-read. 

The Duke
by Darby York
I am a lover of historical romance so this little story, The Duke, was something that I could really enjoy. It did not disappoint. I loved the author's note at the end of the story as she shared what inspired her to write The Duke. I think it is awesome when someone sees an item and then they can then imagine an entire story based around the trinket or bauble. 

Dragon Rodeo
by Ella Drake
I liked the beginning of the story but then how the couple transitioned or time traveled or where ever they went was choppy. The rest of the story continued to be choppy. It seemed like the author was trying to create a D/s type of theme but when, Rand, the alpha male says, "You're going to sweetly comply with my orders, give everything to me, your complete surrender, or this will be the last day you spend in my tent", I just wanted to skip forward. That statement goes completely against a D/s type of relationship. I'm no expert in BDSM but I have read enough of the genre to know that a proper Dom does not force or give ultimatums for submission. A sub freely gives. 

Virtual Encounters
By Lexie Donovan
The Virtual Encounters story reminded me of a Star Trek simulator where you can step inside inside a virtual setting and all the surroundings seem real. As Katelina walked among the simulated world she encounters Xero who recognized her as different. Once the pair gets to know each other, I liked Xero's comment, "In my culture, mating is all about the foreplay and technique." Well that's a great culture. 

Human Touch
By Evelyn Jules
I wore a smile on face the entire time I read Human Touch. I can't quite remember when an erotic story had me giggling so much. I loved it. No wonder the curator of the museum was so drawn to Julia because she was a hoot. I loved the sexual banter between the couple and the setting for the story was very amusing. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. 

Overall recap review for Passionate Exhibitions - I wish the anthology was either all contemporary stories or genre liked stories. I really like to read short stories to sample "new to me" authors but mixing up genres did not allow me to appreciate the various themes as I maybe would have if they were with the same type of genres.

Having said that, I really did like the clever theme that focused around museums. For the price of 2.99 on Amazon, I felt I more than got my money's worth. A great deal for sure. There was a little bit of something for everyone. Some great memorable stories and I have decided to look up a few more of these authors to see what else they have published. 


Laurie said...

I also read the anthology. I found myself like some more then others, leaning more towards the contemporary ones. I do think the authors overall captured the vibe. I also agree about Human Touch. It was right up my alley. Also, Portrait of Passion was a sexy read indeed. Makes me want to buy some paints.

Unknown said...

Yeah I have to say the contemp ones really knocked it out of the park. I can't help but think the others would have been better is they were with their own genre.
Thanks for commenting.