Sunday, February 17, 2013

February's Fling by Maggie Wells

Sharon Mallory and Chad Holgren

February's Fling (Hot Nights in St. Blaise book 2)

By Maggie Wells

Book Blurb:Having a tough enough time reestablishing her credibility in the wake of the calendar’s success, Sharon Malloy refuses to jeopardize her career for a fling with an inappropriate man. No matter how badly she aches to be flung.
The sexy Finance Administrator may be fresh off the world’s most amicable divorce, but she’d long passed the age of giving in to reckless impulses. The problem is, when Chad Holgren touches her, it doesn’t feel reckless. It just feels right.
Sharon’s determination to play it cool only fuels Chad’s fire. Determined to prove he has what it takes to make her happy, he puts her through her paces time and again, stretching the boundaries of their relationship and hanging on tight when Cupid’s arrow catches them both with their pants down.

Even though February's Fling is book 2 in the Hot Nights in St. Blaise series. Each novella can definitely be read as a stand alone. The connection for the series is the hospital charity calendar that each of the characters modeled for. Good news because as a reader you can get any novella from the series and enjoy without the worry of not being familiar with the previous characters. 

I love the premise of February's Fling where as the female protagonist, Sharon is the 42 yr old divorcee who is being pursued by the smart 27 year old hot body, Chad. Now tell me that didn't put a smile on my face!

One of the personalities traits that I loved about Chad is that even though he is under thirty, he is quite successful and mature enough to know what he wants in life. He knows and he persues with fevour. He wants to be with Sharon and it was perfect that he drove to her house to tell her as such. Oh la la and what a declaration it was. 

"You have no idea… No idea how much I want you,” he murmured against her ear. He pushed her shirt over her belly. “Raise your arms.” Chad's desire for Sharon put me in a constant state of bliss. 

Chad never has doubts nor reservations regarding his feelings for Sharon where as she is not so sure. Even though she is a very tall "Wonder Woman" that has kept herself in shape, she has insecurities that her amicable divorce has left her questioning her desirability. I think a lot of women in their forties would relate. It is not a low self esteem issue but more believing that a gorgeous young man like Chad could be interested in her. I say go for it and take that February Fling!

Teasers: Thank you, Macy, "Everyone goes to the Huckleberry", hot yoga and not the kind you do in a group setting, cool grandpa

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