Monday, May 16, 2011

Bad Boys of Summer by Lori Foster, Amy Garvey and Erin McCarthy

Bad Boys of Summer
By Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy and Amy Garvey

I picked up Bad Boys of Summer at a used book store because I wanted to read something by Lori Foster before going to her Reader’s & Writer’s Convention in June. Also it's starting to get warm out so I wanted to read a hot summer book. Great find Bad Boys of Summer was. A nice quick read with some great little stories. 

Book Blurb 1 - Luscious by Lori Foster
Bethany Churchill just quit her lousy job, dumped her lousy boyfriend and moved into a new apartment. She s not looking for love, but her hot new landlord is determined to change her mind. SWAT officer Lucius Ryder -- known to the women in the building as "Luscious," much to his chagrin -- is one sexy lawman, and before long Bethany is tempted to find out if he's really as delicious as his nickname...

I loved the banter between Bethany and Lucius. It made for perfect chemistry. I was smiling throughout the chapters. Here is an example:
“Aren’t SWAT guys supposed to be astute about people?”
“Yeah but being around you dicks up my instincts.”

This back and forth flirting totally made Luscious for me. I liked everything about Lucius. He was totally confident, flirtatious, caring and direct. I love reading about a direct man who says it like it is. Bethany was a great female character with spunk and attitude and as a result a perfect match for Lucius.

I’m not usually a fan of anthologies because the stories happen too fast for me. I loved the ending but in all honesty, it was a bit too quick. A marriage proposal in an anthology kind of ruins it for me. It’s just too fast.
I had to smile because my husband’s grandfather’s name was Lucius and I giggle wondering if he ever had the same pet name. 

Book Blurb 2 - It s About Time by Erin McCarthy
County prosecutor Trish Jones has had it with smooth-talking, under-performing suits. And though she’s never had a thing for big, brawny guys, one look at Caleb Vancouver’s bulges makes her think she might have been missing out. One Harley ride later they’re back at her place, and she realizes that she has been missing out . . . on quite a lot . . .

I totally loved It’s About Time. I am going to search out to what else Erin McCarthy has written. The pace and storyline that the author selected to write about for the size of an anthology was perfect. I loved the entire bar scene and the pair getting to know each other.  Trish was a hoot and "adopts" across Caleb at a perfect time. I felt the major chemistry and really wanted them to hit it off.
When Caleb came back to Trish’s house after the bar, the entire set up of Caleb lying on her couch resembling a footlong hotdog captured short bun cracked me up. I pictured it perfectly.
Of course Caleb makes it Trish’s bed eventually and major hotness ensues. I really enjoyed It’s About Time.

Book Blurb 3 - Wish You Were Here by Amy Garvey
Photographer Mackenzie Pruitt knows exactly what she wants her future to look like, and this summer that means renovating a dilapidated shed into a studio. But when hunky carpenter Leo Dawson shows up, she’d much rather have his capable hands on her than on a hammer. He’s not the kind of guy she always thought she’d fall for, but when he touches her, she can’t imagine wanting anyone else . . .
Wish You Were Here wasn’t as upbeat and happy as the first two stories and it seemed to be an anthology book dying to be a real novel. It seemed at lot longer than it was and I really got into the characters Mackenzie and Leo.

Leo was a bit of a mystery for most of the book and Mackenzie was an easily likeable character. A great sexual chemistry match between the pair but I wasn’t really feeling a personality match. No doubt opposites attract and that is definitely the basis for these two.
I do believe the Leo was a changed man from his early years and I would have loved to read more about them. An anthology was just too short to give this pair a great story.
I did love the ending though!

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