Monday, May 2, 2011

Buried in Briny Bay by Bobbye Terry

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Buried in Briny Bay
By Bobbye Terry

Book Blurb:
Roxie Turner finds herself up to her neck in trouble when her lifelong nemesis, Georgia Collins, is discovered buried in the town’s landfill. To make matters worse, with her characteristic Southern sass, Roxie has been saying she’d kill Georgia for more than twenty years. In fact, she listed the ways to do the woman in, constantly reminding prominent citizens of her intent. It was all a joke, or so she thought. But the joke turns on her as, suddenly, other dead bodies begin to pile up, all murdered with a technique from Roxie’s list.
Enlisting the assistance of handsome hunk, Greg Norris, Roxie’s sister, Trixie Frye, comes to her aid, bent on uncovering the killer and the truth. Can they find out both before Roxie goes to the big house?

Buried in Briny Bay was a delightfully humorous mystery with a Scooby Doo finish. I was just waiting for the villain to say “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.” Ok except the sleuths weren’t kids, they were quirky sisters with stable PI thrown in for good measure. 

I seriously adored Buried in Briny Bay. There was never a dull moment and I had to read it all in one sitting. No “slow” breaks where I could just put it down. Oh well, who needs to eat dinner anyhow.  The entire story line was well plotted and all the dots all connected nicely. The flow was easy to follow and it was a pleasure to read the angst with a smile on my face. Buried in Briny Bay was not a difficult read that required deep concentration that some mystery books command. I think that is one of my main reasons for loving this book. It was a fun read where I could just sit back and enjoy the story enfold around me.

The sisters totally made this book work. Trixie and Roxie kept my eyes glued to the pages. I never knew what they were gonna do next. I am trying to come up with how to describe them but Trixie’s husband captured it best by saying “Those two are about as wild as crabgrass and just as persistent.”

The southern book setting of Buried in Briny Bay played a character role all on its own. There are no forced y’alls or clich├ęd southern stereotypes. Yet the speech and actions were completely southern and 100% authentic.

I am so happy that author Bobbye Terry has created some awesome characters that she can easily build upon. I’d love an even longer book if there is going to be a book 2. In the words of the main character Roxie, “I just love it when everything ends well.”


Bobbye Terry said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Michelle! I am so pleased you liked it. The BB girls will be back in action in July.

Beth Barany said...

What a lovely review! I'm definitely curious to read Buried in Briny Bay now!

Unknown said...

Bobbye it my pleasure to read your story. As I said above, I really did love it. Well done.

Hi Beth! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am sure you'd love this upbeat fun mystery. The sisters are a riot.

Maddie James said...

Trixie and Roxie rock! Nice review, Michelle. Awesome book, bobbye!