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In the Hay by Keri Ford

In The Hay (Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas)Nicolette and Drew's book
Turquoise Morning Press

In the Hay

By Keri Ford

Book Blurb:
It’s been a White Picket Fence life for Nicolette. Charming, but tedious. She graduated high school, raring to go. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems though. The fear of being stuck in a rut, living a dull day-to-day life keeps Nicolette from settling on a career, despite her six years of college. When the chance arrives for her to housesit, she takes opportunity by the horns for a little playtime. She would experience life and find something that would make her happy.

Drew knows exactly what he wants. To run the family construction business. Too bad his dad doesn’t think he’s ready. They make a deal. Drew will help his cousin put up a new fence and after he’s learned hard work, the construction business is his. Drew's not sure learning how to string fence line togethe
r will see him suitable for a career of paper pushing, but he’ll do it.

When Drew meets the wanna-be-free-spirited Nicolette, his determined thoughts of what he’s always worked for begins to sway. Nicolette’s finding the fun in life. But their relationship is temporary. A week tops.

Keri Ford’s third book of the Apple Trails series, In the Hay, was a fun read and really enjoyable. In the Hay is my favourite of the series so far.  

There was a lot I liked about In the Hay so I’m not sure where to start. Regardless, I know I have a pineapple experiment to try out *big grin* 

Drew and Nicolette are genuine characters. The reader can easily relate to the pair because Drew could be your good guy neighbour and Lette could be your girlfriend from school. Their couple conflict was very identifying and not forced.  There are various aspects of In the Hay that will hit close to home and seem familiar to some readers. 

Lette has sincerity and an honest air about her. She had a wonderful balance of a girl that was a bit shy yet willing to take a chance. Lette is also a lot of fun and I found her amusing. I was cracking up reading the descriptions of her dancing and I thought her “list” was a really creative agenda to accomplish in a week. I was cheering her on. I enjoyed reading all the shenanigans that Drew and Lette got into as a result of that list. It was perfect that not all of her great ideas went off seamless. I’m still giggling over the slip ‘n slide fiasco. 

Drew. Oh Drew *insert dreamy sigh* No wonder Lette fell in love so quickly. Right from the get go Keri Ford set the couple up with amazing chemistry. “A thousand conversations had taken place in the form of body language in that half hour they’d looked at one another from the dance floor.” Drew had two internal battles to fight. He was fighting against the new type of emotions he was experiencing for Lette and he was trying to prove his worth to his father. I wanted to really dislike Drew with his treatment of Lette towards the end of the week but I couldn’t. His intentions were clear even though he was denying his true feelings. 

I was proud of our heroine Nicolette and how she handled herself. I admired her attitude and how she didn’t go all weepy and act as a grief stricken stereotypical girl when things weren’t exactly going to plan. I thought In the Hay was fun, entertaining and a sexy read. 

 I walk away from this story with a new appreciation of children’s swimming pools, homemade noodles and hay bales.

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*yadkny* said...

I love Keri Ford and felt this one to be my fav of the series so far... great review!