Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Fool Again by Eloisa James

Lady Genevieve Mulcaster & Tobias Darby's book

A Fool Again

By Eloisa James

Book Blurb:
A Fool Again is the story of Genevieve, who once made a dash to Gretna Greene to marry, but was caught by her father. Now, a few years later, she attends the funeral of her elderly husband (not the man she ran away to marry) and who does she see but The One Who Got Away! Can they make their love work this time around or will Genevieve be A Fool Again?

I jumped at the chance to download this little freebie on Kindle. First it is a historical (my favourite romance genre) and two it is an Eloisa James novella (whom I adore) and three A Fool Again is linked to her Duchess Quartet Series which I also loved.

So what happened with A Fool Again? I didn't like Genevieve after the first chapter, I was luke warm towards Lucius Felton and I just couldn't understand why the heck why Tobias held a torch for Genevieve after all those years. I mean, he only talked to her for a few hours before they tried to elope to Gretna Green. They were young, perhaps a little drunk but could her beauty really last in his memory for him to pine for her all the years he was in India?
Even after Tobias returns from India and moves to reacquaint himself with Genevieve, besides her beauty, what was he seeing that really attracts him?

What I did like about A Fool Again was of course Eloisa James' writing. As always, it was wonderful and professional. Even if I wasn't a fan of the story plot, I very much enjoyed reading her style. I did like how she solved the conflict between the characters and I was pleased how it all came together in the end.

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