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Summer Shorts by various TMP Authors

Summer Shorts

By Various Turquoise Morning Press Authors

Declaration of Dependence 
by Margaret Ethridge
My favourite story and it was first up. Declaration of Dependence set the perfect tone for the rest of the anthology. I've been following Jack and Ellie for almost a year now through all their various other anthology stories and this one was my favourite. Some great lines in this story and you can definitely see how far their long distance relationship has grown. 
Jack meets Ellie's family and things are not a smooth as Jack had hoped. 
Declaration of Dependence makes me want more from this couple. 

Best Friends
by Suzanne Barrett
The author tackled a really tough subject in the romance world, infidelity. A cheating husband is devastating but it has to be 100 times worse when your best friend is the other woman. I admire Suzanne Barrett for tackling the subject; especially in a first person format. 
I found I didn't really care for the husband and I thought the wife was way too forgiving. There is physical cheating and then there is emotional cheating. I am not quite sure which is worse really. I thought the wife took on way to much of the blame herself and ended up being very forgiving towards her husband and supposed best friend. Not sure I would have been so easy to move on. 

Retrieving Hope
by Bobbye Terry
I loved this story by Bobbye Terry. In fact, I love Bobbye Terry's writing. It was a joy to read this little story and then to discover the twist at the end of the book. It is so cute to read about a hero trying to save a woman in need only to find out, she is much stronger than you think. 

Beach Towel
by Grace Green
Great little story about a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. So devastating for the would be bride to have her wedding end right on her big day before it even got started. I admire her for making the right choices and being strong and recognizing she is worth more. A wonderful story of escape and a happy recovery. 

Surf's Up
by Krista Ames
Cute story of mistaken identity with a happy ending. Surf's Up took me right to the beach and I felt the warmth from the beach as I read the novella. I also had a craving for a yummy steak lol. Who knew accountants could be so cool? 

Old Devil Moon
by Bobbye Terry
This was another favourite story of mine. I wanted an entire book of this couple! It was only a short story but it was so descriptive and captivating. Old Devil Moon is a wonderful story about a widow moving on after losing her husband a year earlier. I absolutely loved the subtle southern drawl on male protagonist, Joe and the female, Peyton was easy to like. I thought it was an awesome twist that Joe was famous and Peyton really didn't know too much about him. I loved this little conversation that Joe had with Peyton when he was surrounded by some fans. 
"Okay, folks, now I need some private time with my girl, okay? I'm trying to impress her."
     As the crowd dissipated, she glanced at him. "Your girl?"
     He grinned. "I am forever the optimist."
So cute!
Also I saved this line because it was awesome. 
"There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go" 
(that's not the authors personal quote but she shared it)

by Julie Anne Lindsey
*sigh* A story with a soothing British accent. Okay so it was South African but they are so close. Harrison was an excellent love interest to read for the character Lacy. I loved the way they met on the cruise ship and how their encounter bloomed into something more meaningful. I loved that the author used their careers to move them together. 

The Green House
by Amie Denman
The Green House made me giggle. I think a TV series could be made around these ladies. The group could get themselves into a lot of mischief and I'd love to see their husbands shake their heads yet remain quiet.  

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